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I want to thank LoE and the Coalition for amazing 48 hours its been a blast boys and gals, start rebuilding and we shall play again soon :p



I am rushing towards 1st attacker/fighter of this game despite 40th ranking in points no gold as other pretenders, but what i and my team do to Chickens is epic, they never saw a variety of tricks and chaos tactics i bring them... from alliance being so cocky to alliance where half in vm and rest been wiped out on regular bases... i gain 29k ABP today only of units i killed across O55... ocean that will become graveyard soon enough..


@Kurb i guess this aged well...

Needle said:
"You will never catch up to amount of cities we can take from you"
@devilmahir returns from VM, @Batalo sends him pm

"your ally is dying"

@devilmahir : "Just give us some time to warm up"

why you spam bs again little play0r?

I don't care how many fronts you opened.. chickens broke NAP and start this war. In 1 week they lost few decent players and o45 going to be lost because of bad leadership..even chicken bots will not save your sinking ship.
current state? with a lot more losing each day while taking nothing :)



How's it going now GOH?
When I'm back?
Taking 2 cities a day from you and your friends

Also, what's the opinion about me on the server
Been a long time since I've played and a long time since I've been active on the externals haha


My first ever top "12" so please be nice, I did my best.

Legions of Eligos / Eligos Blood and Gold - They are lacking a lot in points, bp, cities and especially GOLD! But they are dominating O54 atm and beating mp so that is something, but still - SINK

Ducks of Doom / Ducklings of Doom -
This team does not have enough fronts to fight, they need more enemies if they are going to stay afloat, maybe try to expand towards mp? They also need to change their name more often, maybe "Angry birds" next? - SINK

Stooges -
I don´t get it, why would you be stooges when you could be anything else? - SINK

Goverment of Hades / Council of Hades -
This is the most independent team in the entire server, they refuse to receive help from anybody and have fought all their battles completely on their own, a proud bunch this. Unfortunately their pride will be their downfall because they have way to many enemies to focus on! - SINK

Masked Profanity -
This team is bleeding cities in O54 and keep losing all their fights. Their core is way to spread out which makes it hard for them to hold and break sieges. This is probably the team who have lost the most cities and they have poor stats against their current and previous enemies. - SINK

Hellfury Phoenix / lil Hellfury Phoenix / Littlest Hellfury -
This team need more players if they are going to stay afloat. They have gone for quality over quantity but they need more wings if they are going to have a chance - SINK

Why Be Stooges? -
Why won´t you be stooges? - SINK

The Thirsty Turtles -
These are perhaps the greatest fighters in Teos and with a great location in the middle of the action they are a serious contender to win this server. Turtles are slow though so - SINK

Exodus -
Serious who? This is an independent alliance who do not know anything about who this "serious" was. - SINK

Mr. Spock

Hello everyone, brand new to the forum here and this sorry attempt at a Top 12 will be my first post ever. Trying to be unbiased here, and I would greatly appreciate any and all constructive criticism :) Here goes!

1) Legions of Eligos:

Currently ranked #1 alliance in Teos in terms of total points, total BP, and total ABP; #2 on total DBP. Dominant power in ocean 44 and pacted with Hades while fighting against MP, Stooges, and Ducks. Fighting against Stooges seems to be going decently for them, have taken twice as many cities than they have lost in exchange, and look to be holding their own against Ducks, with a roughly even ratio of cities lost vs gained (9 taken vs 6 lost, ratio of 1.5:1 but relatively small numbers both ways so this can change very quickly in either direction, and Ducks are not their main enemy anyway). Their principal adversary seems to be Masked Profanity, and they are being mauled badly in ocean 54, losing 22 cities vs none taken. They have a solid crew though with many very active players and a lot of city mass remaining in their core ocean, so we will have to wait and see if they can stem the tide and get a counterattack going to take the fight to MP. FLOAT

2) Ducks of Doom:

#2 alliance in points, ABP, and overall BP, and #1 in DBP. Dominant power in ocean 55 and although not allied with MP there is obviously some sort of NAP/cooperation going on here because these are both strong, aggressive alliances with a long border and no cities are changing hands. They have had to slow down outward expansion for a little while and look inwards due to internal rearrangements and passing off Iseeunow's cities, but this won't last long and the question is when, not if, will they resume their expansion, and in what direction they will go. This alliance is surrounded by enemies, but is stronger than any of them individually, and arguably stronger than they all are combined: can they take advantage of their interior strategic position and their arrangement with MP and knock out Hellfury, Thirsty Turtles, Hades, and southern wing of LoE? I can't be 100% sure, but it is very possible. SWIM

3) Government/Council of Hades:

#3 alliance in overall points, #4 in overall BP and DBP, #5 in ABP. Have o45 more or less on lockdown, and due to their pact with Eligos East is the only direction they can go. Currently eviscerating EXODUS, but this is a sideshow to the main event, which will be taking place along the border of oceans 45 and 55 where Hades runs into Ducks. They have an almost exactly 1:1 ratio of cities taken vs lost with ducks, but many of their positive conquests have been against inactive ducks, and they have received significant assistance from LoE. However, taking any city from Ducks is no easy task, so clearly they are on the right track. The real test will come once Ducks settle their internals and can dedicate their full attention to expanding again. Hades leadership is pretty experienced with several crowns in their ranks, but I am not convinced that they can defeat ducks on their own, especially with their principal ally LoE becoming ever more focused on trying to stop MP. FLOAT

4) Stooges/Why be Stooges

#4 alliance in overall points, #5 in overall BP and DBP, #4 in ABP. They have a lot of territory being spread in a wide arc across northern ocean 54 and 64, unfortunately a lot of this territory probably won't be important for domination so they will be looking to break into the more central areas of the world. Fighting against LoE while also grabbing the occasional city from northernmost fringe of Hellfury, truth be told War with Eligos does not seem to be going their way, but this could change as Eligos continues to bleed against MP. I really don't know that much about these guys otherwise. They seem well led with a goodly amount of top 100 fighters though, so anything is possible. I remain skeptical however that they will be able to overcome the twin difficulties of carving out a strong, densely concentrated core while simultaneously needing to fight their way inward to the central oceans where domination will take place. Seems to be more or less at peace with their southern neighbor MP, which doesn't hurt. FLOAT

5) Masked Profanity

#5 alliance in overall points, #3 in all BP categories. Has an extremely dense core in south-central o54 and currently driving westwards against LoE with no sign of letting up. Although they have made fun of others on the forum for coalition building, they seem to be running one against LoE. It may not be an official pact, but there is obviously some level of diplomacy going on between them and Ducks and possibly Stooges given the lack of cities being taken between them. This agreement may or may not last, as it is likely only a realpolitik arrangement. Without trying to sound like a fanboy, this crew is my pick to win Teos. Plenty of top 100 fighters, alliance roster filed with world winners, strong central position and an incredibly dense core. Haven't lost a city to outside alliance in forever and while I could be wrong, I don't see anyone capable of breaking that streak. SWIM+WIN

6) Hellfury Phoenix/Lil Hellfury Phoenix

My own alliance, so this is probably going to come off as biased. #6 in overall points, #10 in all BP categories. Alliance core is stretched out along the border between oceans 55 and 65, with pretty much their only active border being the one with Ducks. Faithful ally in The Thirsty Turtles, more on that in next entry. Alliance has been branded and mocked as MRA, and there is some truth to that. Many of us came to the world late and we have struggled to find our footing ever since. Lost a hilarious number of cities to ducks, due in large part to having an alliance rank and file chock full of newer players, many of whom did not use alarm. This problem has mostly been remedied, and we have actually managed to pick off a few inactive ducks while they weren't looking. We are probably in for it though, because I am concerned that all this accomplished is to make Warmaster annoyed with us. We cooperate with Hades sometimes, but pact with them only covers cooperation against Ducks. Alliance is starving for BP, barely eking out a trickle through occasional skirmishes with Stooges and Eligos in the north and Ducks to the west. I almost look forward to the curb stomping that awaits us, since at least something will finally happen in our neck of the woods haha. One thing that I do have to say, hopefully without sounding too self-aggrandizing, is that we really have come a long way. Most of you guys probably thought we would be extinct by now and that we would never even take a single city from ducks under any circumstances. Our leadership under Pagandreamer and Freddiestrom has really been top notch, and I look forward to playing alongside them in future worlds. Although we have started to put together something resembling a competent core team, we still have a lot of new players who are learning the game and making the accompanying mistakes, and this does NOT bode well for us when the real fighting starts. We really don't have much hope of winning, but we can do our best to go out with a bang instead of a whimper, having fun and being loyal to each other through it all, and in my book, that's what grepolis is all about! SINK

7) The Thirsty Turtles

#9 overall in points, #11, #12, and #13 in ABP, DBP, and overall BP respectively. Core area is along south-central o55. NAP with Hades and full pact with Hellfury means that their only avenue of advance is due north straight into Ducks. Really a great group of loyal, fun loving players. Accaka is a fantastic guy, and they are a blast to play alongside. They are kind of in the same boat that Hellfury is in, Ducks is only possible opponent and that is very much an uphill battle. However, they are pretty close to Hades core in ocean 45, so if these two work together who knows what they can accomplish? Wherever these inebriated reptiles go, us in hellfury go too. I would like to say that these guys have a real shot at winning, but personal feelings aside I just don't see a clear path to victory for these guys. SINK


#11 in overall points, #7 in overall BP, #9 in ABP, and #6 in DBP. I really don't know much about this alliance, other than it looks to be composed of former SERIOUS players and that they are losing cities very quickly to pretty much all major neighbors. No safe core area and surrounded by LoE, Hades, and Ducks with nowhere to go but down. No offense intended to individual players here, but I expect their collapse imminently, they have nothing going for them. Only hope is for LoE, Hades, Ducks, and MP to become so focused on fighting each other that their core team can lifeboat en masse to a new ocean. SINK

9) Daddy's Sins

#12 in overall points, #16 in ABP, #20 in DBP, and #19 overall BP. I know nothing about this alliance other than that they are not presently a threat to any of the previously mentioned alliances and they are not contenders for a domination victory by even the most liberal excesses of the imagination. On the bright side for these guys, everybody else will likely be too preoccupied with fighting each other to come after them, so as long as they stick to the periphery of the world they can do their thing mostly under the radar. FLOAT

*Disclaimer: nothing in here is intended to be offensive or insulting to anyone, this is just my opinion about the current state of Teos.

Love it or hate it, here is my first ever forum post and top 12! Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you don't I would love to hear about how I could make it better. Cheers!

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@Mr. Spock nice top 12 indeed, i was honestly surprised when you said you were in phoenix.

check stooges in grepolife, and toggle conqured cities to see how many cities they have taken from LoE since the "arrangement" to combat GoH coalition became active :p

i just adore how stooges hold 3k bir sieges on LoE, but when GoH cries for LoE help and they send at 7k birs and get totally wrecked... :(

p.s. the score is almost double.. not nearly 1:1 :D

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Mr. Spock

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for the corrections. I think my mistake was when I did ratios I was only looking at Government of Hades, not the combined value for Government+Council. I apologize for the inaccuracy, in any future Top 12's I will use the comparison tool you showed me :)
Simulation Study Procrastination Top 12

1) Legion of Eglios/Eglios Blood and Gold-
The University of Michigan of Grepolis. They throw a lot of money at the problem but that doesn't solve the problem. I heard they accused Elias of spying, which honestly was the incentive to write this because they were so far wrong that its worth taking the time to laugh at. Still despite internal problems and MP beating that rear end. I'm not sure they pull it out. FLOAT.

2) Ducks/Ducklings of Dooms-
This is easily the furthest filip has made it without an internal break down. And honestly the progress is worth cheering for. Not being sarcastic either, good job dude. SWIM.

3) Hades Group- You exist. Its good enough to be meh on a weak world. Build on it in future worlds. FLOAT.

4) Hellfury Phoenix/Lil Hellfury Phoenix- You also exist. Good job! You're the equivalent of being the runner up in the Big Ten West. Its not a good division, nobody's impressed, but you're still second in the division. So yay! FLOAT.

5) Masked Profanity-
The Ohio State of Grepolis. They've proven their point the last three or four worlds. But haven't gotten their shot at the world win yet. But you know its coming and when it does come you won't really be able to be mad about it because they've earned it. Only serious competition is ducks. Whichever wins I'm pretty sure the other can't be mad. SWIM.

6) Stooges- Gonna make a bold call, they get to play the role of tie breaker. If they side with MP, MP wins, if they side with Ducks then ducks wins. SWIM.

If you are below this point then you are in a support role, pick your favorite and help them win. Best of luck all. Ima go back to drinking over the fact the Lions couldn't beat the Chiefs.
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