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I wouldnt listen to much of what that guy has to say. Hes a clown and a pretty irreverent player.


Okay guys enough of the kastoria trash talk and get back on topic. Anyone wants to do a Top 12?


Come on guys. BP is not even over yet and your already having a spat. It's absolutely pathetic.


This is ridiculous. This week isn't even a week old and a thread had to be shut down to be cleaned up.
Let's get this clear, the following list violates the rules:

  • Profanity
  • Accusing other players of cheating on the forum
  • Discussing bans on the forum
Got it?


(no stats sites work, so this a top 12 simply based on the eye test)

1. Legions of Eligos
Started day 1. A few decent players and a few more heavy golders. Weak leadership. Benefiting from weak competition - which to be fair isn't their fault. I question their longevity when their golders lose interest (inevitable) or face a real enemy.

2. Zero tolerance
Another alliance who started day 1 with very weak players, and much less decent players than #1. If Eligos or any other alliance with some firepower runs into them, they'll fold.

3. The Vikings
Not even worth writing about.

4. Strawberry Trojans
Recently took over Vikings as "the" MRA of the server. They will go as all MRA's go.

5. Titans of Teos
A handful of decent players, and a buttload of dead weight. Quoted by one of their leaders as saying the only good players in MP were Dan and Capable... who promptly lost a city to neither of them. Internal issues and deadweight will be the death of them.

6. Masked Profanity
Mine and Ali's crew, we do what we do. Anyone with a higher IQ than sema can figure out where we stand (which is everyone)

7. See 2

8. Krypts
Not the real krypts and they should be ashamed for taking a name of a respectable group of players.

9. Gruesome
I know nothing of this team or almost anyone in it, but being in o45 has its advantages for sure. They will last as long as a decent team doesn't pop up deeper into 045, after that it's game over (if it happens).

10. Cobra Kai
Basically Vikings 2.0. Recently have tried to distant themselves from Vikings knowing that they are going downhill (won't commit to their wars but will ask for support for their own). A weak ocean in o55, they will be OK so long as any real alliances don't venture their way.

11. Dirty South
I mean they have moon so they are immediately better than gruesome.

12. The Awoken
Straddling 44/54.. wont be pleasant for them when MP / Eligos decide they want northern cities.

Not much to talk about here, but it's better than sema's nonsensical rambling.
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<b>King Andromeda</b>
I don't think I've read a worse Top 12 than this one. At least its now obvious to me that you don't have a clue of what's going on outside of Ocean 54 :)


The Vikings will win game
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K well rerailing this i'll do the top 12.

1) Zero Tolerance/No Tolerance- Will be propped up by a few good players. But should easily take O55 with no serious issues. SWIM.

2) Strawberry Trojans I/II/II- Appear to be primarily in O44. Legions of Eglios should easily feed on this group.SINK.

3) Legions of Eglios/Eglios Gold Bank-
As Mik said, they have some heavy golders. I think they have a few good players as well. But they have a lot of average at best ones too and I agree that their leadership is probably very questionable in conquest. That said, O44 is already theirs. SWIM.

4) The Vikings/Lost Vikings-
Sorcerers of Kleos from En113. Aka food for Masked Profanity, Legions, and probably a few others. SINK.

5) Masked Profanity- We exist.

6) Krypteia- Will feed Zero Tolerance. SINK.

7) Titans of Teos-
Starting to become food in O54. SINK.

8) GruesomeBloodyHooligans-
They should take O45 due to the lack of competition there. SWIM.

9) Dirty South-
Has Moonwalker. That's about it. FLOAT.

10) Cobra Kai-
Doesn't have a chance. SINK.

11) The Awoken-
They'll be put to sleep soon. SINK.

12) Destructive Sheep-
Probably in the top 5 alliances of this world skill size. FLOAT.


uh no Same Krypts. started them back in 2011 on Tau. Cant steel something that was always yours.


The Vikings are vanished...

I assuming that The Vikings will not win bad :(
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<b>King Andromeda</b>
Well, even though alliances like them disband, they always come up again, just under different names :rolleyes: The players gotta go somewhere - and the leadership tends to stay at the same quality as before.
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