Fixed Text bug


I know it's not just me but wondering how widespread this problem is. Since the update I can no longer type either in my ally forum or in the attack or support boxes. It's a fairly serious problem occuring in both chrome and microsoft edge. If I refresh it works for about a minute then freezes again.

Darken Rahl

I also can't type in my village resource upgrade box. Refreshed browser. Tried another browser. And restarted computer...still the same


yeahp nothing at all not able to change troop amount or anything also on 90-helike

EDIT : yeah the only work round was the app but for timing when sending cs etcnot helpful and hard to do
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Seems like an issue they might want to fix kinda sharpish. FYI I found you could work around it by using the app but thats kinda clunky


glad to know it's not just me and not just in Golgi. I tried to deal with the farming village and couldn't type the numbers in the box


The text bug was fixed yesterday but today is back to the same (at least for me). Any predictions on when the problem will be fully resolved?

Thanks in advance

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
I won't make guesses on when it'll be fixed but as soon as the first tickets came in about the problem we notified the developers. So hopefully it won't be too long.


Don't know if this information is useful but currently I only find this issue in Kasmenai but not in Golgi nor in Imbros.

And thanks for the quick reply


I'm on Imbros, and it doesn't work for me. It did work this morning - not sure exactly when the malfunction kicked in.