Pnp Thank you naitik


First, I would like to say that any damage caused by being obsessed by me is not legaly my responsability, but it does cause damage:

You see the city 113 name right? And the profile pic? Now I present my profile:

Any similarities in the pic?
I just want to thank naitik for making me is profile theme, I'm not honoured, as he sucks, but I apreciate the attempt to honour me, and I promise that when I take a city from him, I won't give it his name as a constant remider that I exist. (or because winnie and co are way coller than him).


Oh come on, Raf, he's just trying to show he wuv's you hahaha


When we exchange mails he calls me kid 2 to 3 times per msg so...


So... ?
That somehow leads you to suggest he's sexually deviant in an illegal way?

That's quite an escalation.
Just to point a pedophile does not have to be illegal in anyway.

Suggesting he is accusing someone of illegal actions is quite an escalation wouldn't you say.

... and im now arguing the definition of a pedophile on the internet... im leaving again.


I got a -rep saying: Unaceptable
You got to relax, Im not acusing the guy of being a pedofile, just find interisting he is obcessed by me and constantly calls me kid


Have you ever thought that the reason that he calls you a kid is because you are 16 years old?