Thank you


I wanted to thank every active player from every alliance for remaining active in this world. The hero world has opened and many people are leaving. Whether friend or foe I appreciate having you in the world and without you the world would be boring. In a matter of fact I owe more thanks to our enemies then I do our friends; especially those that keep on fighting regardless.

Please stay active and fight on. Worlds change a lot and if you stick them through you are almost guaranteed to come out on the winning side in the end if you are active and willing to always learn and improve.

Always remember this is a game, and the number 1 should be to have fun. Thanks to everyone for helping me have fun since the start of this world until the end of the World Wonder Era.



PS - Ok no more being cheesy on my part - I thought everyone deserved that though. This was my second world but I consider it my first (my first was Ephesus, which i started 2 weeks before) - I stay there to be a pain despite being highly outnumbered and on the losing end of the stick. I wont quit a world I start until I am rimmed. You all have made Ithaca a blast and kept me around on a game that i intended to start and play for a few weeks and quit.