That Moment You Realise You're Alliance is wholly an Academy

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Virtual city, I thought this was real, what have I been doing for the past month or so.... best close my browser and shutdown the computer system(delete the app from everywhere else) Close Skype, and get back to the real world...

Wake up, it doesn't matter if its just a game, yeah it is a game but when you play any game. Do you get stuck cause its to hard and then give up and move on? no you battle on and try and get past that bit to see what happens next or to win depending on the story line. Now am not in a big alliance, but its all the same when a team mate needs help or you need help then you move troops no matter the time, you find a way!

Cause if you don't then the past month and a bit of time that you've invested will have been for nothing giving up is what is time wasting, if you fight to survive and win or fight and loose then the time is well spent! at least you tried! and can walk away with your head held high! and the respect you deserve for trying or winning!


Losers have excuses.. Thats the rule, i cant be that good because of gold, because of time, because of issue because of because of because of... U see? Stop excuse, start play, and you become very very good one day..
Matey mate, never claimed to be good? As far as I can see this is just a bunch of guys talking smack to a guy who got conquered? Regardless I could lose 1 city or 50 I'm not going to change my style, so deal with it all you keyboard warriors and calm down.

We all know the end result