Thats one war too many, dear PE!


Hi Alastan and thanks for expressing your concerns. I also appreciate you taking time out to look up my statistics. If you would like to know how I have played Kappa so far, please check here, fifth post down. All is explained there. I have never claimed to be a great or even good player, heck I'd consider myself a pretty average player who struck lucky with PE at the right time to get in. However I would like to point out that no matter if you have 100 cities and 1 million ABP, or 5 cities and 2k ABP, that does not stop a person from talking sense and/or expressing their opinion. I play grepolis, not for the battles (although that is a factor) but for the social aspect, and the external forums is simply an extension of that. Here I have talked to some interesting people and had a good time.

If you have a problem with me posting here, remember that for a long time I was the only voice of PE on here and I'm sure the forum would be far less interesting if no-one from the no.1 alliance decided to post and provide a different point of view. If you would like to discuss this further, please do not ruin czar's good thread any longer and PM me.
I have no problem with you posting, neither do I intend to ruin czar's thread. Personally, I think you and me would have a great laugh going for a drink in real life, seeing that you and me are united in our dislike towards ManU(re) What annoys me are posts where you diss alliances or players.

No. 8: Oceans Alliance Points: 8,040,858 Members: 93 Cities: 871 Avg. points per member: 86,460
Also another disappointing alliance. After the all the huffing and puffing on here a few weeks back, they are yet to prove they can walk the walk. Enigma and PE are conquering at will. Exhibit A to their weakness: jlaws014 is yet to lose a city after coming back from a work trip when they thought they could mess with the big boys. Probably their worst mistake. Their position in the top 12 probably maintained by the merging of the Ocean families, I expect a downward trend from here.

I was a part of those guys and they're good guys, yet you felt compelled to write this. This is just an example. As I say, mate, I have absolutely nothing against you. You can play as you like, active, passive, supporting mainly. Many people play quietly and help as they can.
Me, I'm an average player who got lucky, myself, but I just saw one too many of those kind of comments around and flipped. I don't even remember which caused me to, and it was also irrational to respond in the kind of way I did, for which I apologize (If it helps, I wasn't exactly sober ;P ). But between us average players, let's please not diss others?


It was simply a prediction. My own ability has nothing to do with my opinion, I know the difference between good and bad players. I am glad they have proven me wrong (as have many other alliances; predictions often make for red-faces :p) competition is always great. I started the top 12 discussion to create some activity in the forums and it worked a treat, and maybe some of those comments were controversial on purpose ;) I based that upon what I seen at the time in grepostats, they were leaking cities rather rapidly but now they have tightened up and are taking more cities than they are losing, which is great for them. It wasn't a 'diss' of sorts deliberately designed to insult them, but what I genuinely thought about them, they had done little to show that they could be a good alliance. Now I have much more respect for them because have earned it and then some. Kudos to OA for it!

Also I'm glad you have shown a bit less personal insults to me and some more constructive criticism of my opinions, you appear to be more approachable than I first thought :D Now lets draw a line under this and allow the thread to be about the PE and RS/FC war. Continue with the OA stuff on the other thread if you like!

Jeff Hefae

Just a thought about that top 12 thread. it seriously needs to be updated. that was at least 4 months ago. and an alliance that was nowhere at the time is now in. Achaean knights. I had the pleasure of being part of their alliance. a great group of friends but they have no battle sense so they will mostly stay on the extreme rim.