Newspaper The 100% one off Side newspaper this is definitely not happening again issue 2


The 100% one off Side newspaper this is definitely not happening again issue 2
War Analysis

Happy @iMrCornetto? If your not i have a no refunds policy ;) I'm just going to be a sum up of the war so far in this one. Nothing that flashy. I hope you enjoy the read.

Interview with William Strandli
1. Compared to your expectations of the Faggoats war how has it actually turned out?

Answer: The war has turned out the way it has - we are getting smashed ...
The plan from the beginning between me and NutsNBoltz was always to clear the server together and then a have a 1 vs 1 - alas that did not happen.

So yes u might say the war is very one sided right now - not much we can do beeing attacked in 56 45 54 65 64 Lol.

One dude in the Forum over here said it the best - it seems like our rwhole Alliance is suffering from a "Stuff is happening IRL epedemic" (made me chuckle)

Il say this i have found a lot of players that i thought where good players who ran away the second this war started, some ofc have valid reasons but usually theres a thread between the alarm popping off for 24 hrs and somone going blue ;)

All inn all war is not going great, whenever somone sees fiascos AbP go up the rest of the server sees that we are getting hit so they join in and just revolt a bunch lol.

On the other hand - War is not supposed to be fair - it is not supposed to be considerate - i needed to get slapped a little now so hopefully alot of our players will take this oppertunity to get better at defending and better at the game without always resorting to Gold as equalizer.(i know i am)

2. As the war continues how might goats flip odds and kill fiasco's forward momentum?

Haha good question...we are ofc brainstorming ideas but it's a though jobb.
They are good players and my leadershipp team and myself are trying to find weaknesses om the armour.

3. What is your opinion on the alliance attacking you at the same time as fiasco?

Hmm well i can say that i hate it..and i do .. but i have full understanding of why !
It makes sense for them.
Same with poolparty and sabs u see an opening u take it in this came.

do you have any final comments directed towards fiasco united (or any other alliances)?

Thank u all for a awesome server :)
Been a rollercoaster ride;)

Interview with NutsNBoltz
1. Compared to your expectations of the Faggoats war how has it actually turned out?

Honestly, I thought it was going to be a slugfest. Every alliance on the server picking a side, everyone going at it. Each side holding their own. But, really it hasn't been that. I've seen players on the Fiasco team rise to the challenge, players long since I thought were dead coming back to play, while most of goats seem to be going into VM. Shame really is.

2. How might your alliance keep up its momentum in the weeks to come?

just keep going. we can't afford to let goats regroup, however with all the VM, there is little to hit. I figured we will be able to get what we need from them, as well as focus the other surroundings, Goats aren't the only one with dom cities.

3. What is your opinion of the other alliances attacking goats at the same time as you?

Goats had like 5 weeks to tie up loose ends since the FU and anarchaos war. And didnt. That's all I have to say on that.

4. Do you have any comments to make directed towards goats or any other team on this server?

Goats have been hands down the best team I got to work with. I have so much respect for billy, feifel and the other leaders. We never lied, played it straight all server and never had a reason not to trust each other. We always knew war was the end result, always. Thats what makes it fun, knowing theres no politics at the end, just fighting.

I do hope others come out of vm to support their leaders. Their membership ran on them, and that's not fair.

Alright so Im not going to give an exact warscore because I've been told thats its scewed by previous handovers/ trades so its not an accurate representation of the war. But, if my intel is correct then Goats are losing. This can be mostly attributed to the large amounts of players fleeing into VM, other alliances jumping on the bandwagon and superior prep on fiasco's part.

The first reason I'm going to break down is players fleeing. Now I'm not a fighter and i don't claim to be good at the game by any measurement. But, fleeing into VM like this is not good show. Now i understand that the conditions of grep can be unbearable and when that happens sometimes a few days in VM is best to recuperate. A lot of my mates have done it but from what i have seen a lot of goats players have been fleeing from day 1 (please correct me if I'm wrong on this). Now please correct me if I'm wrong again but i find it very hard to believe all these players were faced with thousands of attacks and completely unbearable so quickly. So, obviously a lot of people just don't have the stomach for a big fight which is a shame really :(

Other alliances jumping on the bandwagon has not helped either. Its basic maths really. Another alliance attacking you means more revolts which means more def is spread thin.

Now Fiasco's superior prep has to do with the previous point as well. There is no doubt in my mind that they have tied up a lot of previous loose ends and have made sure that goats have stayed untied :) thats really screwed goats in the long run who have not made obvious similar efforts (granted i could be missing something). Right now TBH i feel like fiasco has this in the bag. I could be wrong but every sign points to it. Sorry goats.

I hope you (yes you reading this with nothing better to do) enjoyed wasting five minutes of your life ;) Sorry if this is sloppy/ bellow my normal standards. I'm a bit rough but i wanted to get it out this weekend. If you have any questions (or if you spot any errors) please feel free to contact me. I am ALWAYS open for a chat :) I might add in some memes on this thread later if i can get the creativity to make some.
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just popping in to say they stats are accurate bud, and it doesn't even include ghosts, like brester9000. FU currently tallys 158-4, the Fiaschaos numbers are a small bit skewed due to the old anarchaos numbers in there

Mole man 420

We put ourselves in the middle much like the alliance in the very beginning did.. ( im having a brain fart but we all know who im talking about ) and made enemies of all...

We wanted a slug fest... we became the worlds punching bag.. unfortunately it appears lots of my teammates didn't want to handle that.

Ill stick it out for as long as the rest of my team does... go down with the sinking ship and all that.

The players who left.. i have respect for many of them, won't curse their names or speak ill of them.

The ones sticking it out. I respect yall just as much, we will fight it out best we can.

To all the teams attacking us. :Shrugs: get ya kicks in , i know several of ya have been waiting for this moment. Sad to see it go this way though. Was expecting more of a free for all than a gang bang.. but such is the game..

To FU ... yall deserve a win if you get it.. you put in just as much work as anyone in this world if not more, and put yourselves in a better position.

Wont speak on politics as I stayed out of it and im sure theirs a lot im not privy too, and of course my opinion is one sided so... to that point.. bleh


to be honest mole, kudos for coming back. to others who talked smack and quit on their team, I will never forget the cowards. Ever, and I will hunt you on future servers. You deserve nothing, you're the bane of this games existence. This isn't WW, you FIGHT for the win. I wish the cowards would come back so we can rim them into oblivion. For those who stuck around, we have respect.


Okay so now that 114 is ending.
We demand our 11 issues of the newspaper.

pls, our discord is no fun, Nuts censors every anti-Nuts message. Our discord is just Nuts posting now. Help. I'm bored out of my mind


Okay so now that 114 is ending.
We demand our 11 issues of the newspaper.

pls, our discord is no fun, Nuts censors every anti-Nuts message. Our discord is just Nuts posting now. Help. I'm bored out of my mind
Anyone who can milk 11 more papers out of this server is insane :D


Sunfyre was found dead next to his laptop with discord open (and two bolts in the back of his head). In a note next to his corpse the following was said:

"Nuts is the best. All hail lord Nuts."