The 10th Plague


For members in ocean 65 only!
Who are we?
The 10th Plague is a comeback alliance founded for experienced players who know what they are doing ingame. We are all players who know what it means to stand . At the top of the world Our aim is therefore to achieve in this wonderful new world.

Since we aim to reach the top, we take this game very seriously whatsoever . We expect each member that they are fully committed to the alliance. Teamwork activity are therefore the most important concepts within our alliance. We emphasize "play to win" and will therefore endeavor to pursue this. We are not here to spend our time , but to dominate the world. Of course, fun is not missing, we are also very cozy and everyone can get along well. These factors will combine well and problems are therefore not expected.

We are only interested in the best players.

What kind of players fit us?
Teamwork is the most important , from experience , it is important that we know each other well. This is an essential component to reach the top. Of course we make intensive use of the alliance forum , besides this forum, we also use Skype as a replacement for the Grepolis chat . However, this is not an obligation. Skype is very convenient to carry because it is faster and clearer calls. Also save all conversations , they are very easy to read back. Many people bring Skype associated with talking through a microphone , this is not for us and we therefore only use the chat feature on Skype .

What is very important is that you do best is simply not good enough . Therefore, do not bother you , and the necessary time put into it to be the best. If the top does not interest you , this alliance is not for you . You will be able to deal with criticism and you'll be when war threatens ready. Good preparation is what lead us to victory . We will always beat anyone who is bigger than us.

Our expectations:
Our expectations of the members are high , but reasonable. This helps us to be Better alliance together. There is no age limit , but it is expected that everyone can behave mature . It is not intended that mutual quarrels arise to petty things , we assume that anyone can solve it in a mature way

Finally, we expect that each member will be fully committed to the alliance , but also challenging especially enjoyable for you to find in this alliance

How to register?
We want you to fill out the form below. This you can post here or send a PM ingame to Esca the Slave or Akhenaten Returns

Your background in Grepolis or other similar games:
The average number of hours per week you spend on Grepolis:
Short explanation why you want this alliance:
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Looks decent. :)

Might wanna put some lay-out to it. So it's nice to the eye, and inviting to read. :p