the 38th will rise again

achilies heal

we are back with a vengeance in this world as Night Wolves started well and took a beating in theta but we are back and look to hit hard we are a segment from the Space Wolves we wished for more power and we asked to be able to have that choice we left our brethren and formed our own chapter, we come here to the world known for our crusade to purge this world of all its chaos, all other warhammer brothers are welcome to join us in this crusade

alliance name 38th Night Wolves
founder achilies heal
area south east
member cap 35

all who wish to join are welcome we want to be a family that are close and will help each other in the time of need
i will not be necessarily be the leader as it will be a few battle hardened brothers that will help run this alliance along side me and we are all experienced players of a few years now from other games like this one
so when this world opens all in the south east are welcome to join the alliance, if you want an invite just message me and i will send one to you