The Arcadian Empire



We are are looking for players who are active and fairly experienced. We would prefer players who have been with Grepolis for awhile, but we welcome all. What we look for in alliance members is a sense of self growth, and overall maturity. We like to be a closely knit alliance so we need active members. What we want players in our alliance to understand that to be a powerful force in this world is we need, organization, coordination and teamwork. We will try to solve all our problems with logic, weather that be war, or negotiations. Loyalty is a virtue to this alliance, not a requirement. We don't ask that you stay with us if you don't want to, if you have to follow a new path we will support you decision in every way.

So if your ready for this world, hit me up on Skype (mikelgaming) or simply ask here or in a private message. Look out for each other out there.

Founder: Anthonest

Leaders: leightonx7 Feared

Recruitment: Anthonest Feared

Diplomacy: Anthonest Leightonx7

Starting Location: Southwest