The Beginners Protection for Beginners and Guests


I know, you hoped to read predictions, analitics, banter or maybe even trendy newspaper (who needs The Daily Mail during breakfast anymore?), but I think we should help our guests and make them feel comfortable and welcomed in grepo-society, so called grepo-family.

So, since the beginners protection is coming to the end, our dear Guest13092073074-s should be educated and ready to defend against grepo-veterans.
Although, I highly recommend to study and learn by heart "wiki-grepolis", here is some really basic things, which might help our dear guest24903643 to get defensive battle points and maybe even avoid losing the first and only city, as a result being rimmed (restart with a new small city, sometimes in a far-away-ocean) by a heavy gold-spender.

Just two steps, which maybe (highly unlikely though) will save your city.

Since you're certainly not a part of any premade, you should definately build some defense:

1) The white guy in the harbor is called "Bireme":
- it's very cruel ship (probably the most cruel in entire grepolis) - first of all it helps you against orange ships (light ships, so called floating volcano
), and (in fact, the highest degree of cruelty) it might even sink transport ships with people on board! Since they can not swim (back then in antient Greece nobody could swim), they're all dead in that unfortunate situation.

2) Also you should use specific guys and mix them to protect your city.

Meet and greet the bunch of brave defenders:
Mr. Archer
, Mr.Swordman
and Mr. Hoplite

Please be sure you have built a wall and tower. With those buildings archers defend better, which is understandable, as they get a better position, but! additionally, somehow (and I haven't smoked anything today), your swordmen and hoplites start fighting better through the wall and can attack an enemy right from the tower!

To produce mentioned guys, you need to follow the instruction below:
a) Go to the farm in your city

b) Find farmers
- usually they look like a screaming man and woman.
c) DO NOT "enlist" them, just look into their eyes and give them the order to go to barracks and have sexual affair over there.
d) After a while certain guys will appear in that building, armed and ready to defend the city!

Additionally, you can teach them to form powerful phalanx!

Stay safe and enjoy your time in grepo!

Distinguished, honorable and crowned grepo-veterans, please do share your vision and experience how to defend. The more guests234720300 are converted into nicknamed players, the more very-well built cities are available to take.
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Tiller,you have not researched archers?;)

Good post,+ rep.

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88 swordsmen, no hoplits or archers, goin for you bro :-D