The Black Death


We are The nose picking evil looking, hood wearing mouse moving collective known as Black Death. We enjoy Yoshi riding, being condescending, elLe-O-L-ing, facebooking and noob looting. We're the anti-tweeting, random messaging, sh*t stirring, player hating, ever rising dark entity that love's swearing.

If you're someone who likes to contribute to the grepolis community, someone who is cunningly clever or at least tries to be, someone who's not scared to fail epicly, someone who shares their ideas no matter how stupid it might be, someone who isn't content with being a nobody, someone who thinks Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is too funny than your someone who should contact "andreq" or "daizan" (in game) for an invitation.

We have 33 spots remianing in ocean 55

All postions within our organisation including leadership is up for votes once every 90 days, it ensures that the best people are in place for each job. It is our way to provide equal opportunities for our newer members and reward those that work hard.​
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You could always merge into TMNT... :p

otherwise get known not for your size, but your BP :D