The Black Knights


Did you have a bad start with 2.0, bored with the area you are in, or simply want to restart? Well what if I told you that you could start over and join and amazing alliance. The Black Knights will be starting on world Sigma on April 15th. We plan to be an elite democratic alliance based in the northwest that only accepts people in our main ocean. Our goal is simple, conquer our ocean. With your support that will be easy. If you would like to join, or simply want to see what we are about, either send me a message on the forums or join beta world 3 and send me a message that includes:

• Your username on Sigma
• Past worlds and a link to your grepostats for all of them
• Positions you are interested in
• How active you are
• And what you can bring to the alliance

All applications will be accepted on world 3, however if there are more than 50 applicants we will cut them down going into Sigma. Hope to see you there.

(P.S.- the name is liable to change and all members that have signed up for the alliance on the beta world will be able to participate in the vote for our name)


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