The Companions


We are The companions we look for members who will dedicate themselves to the alliance helping other members and pacts we look for active members with points at least over 900 we will make this higher as we get bigger but until then feel free to join.

Code of Conduct:

Endless Fear is aiming to be the best with that being said there is a certain quality player we are looking for one is to be a Team Player


A team Player is one who,
Demonstrates reliability,
Communicates constructively,
Listens actively,
Functions as an active participant,
Shares openly and willingly,
Cooperates and pitches in to help,
Exhibits flexibility,
Shows commitment to the team,
Works as a problem-solver,
Treats others in a respectful, and supportive manner.

Grepolis Is a war game and there will certianly come a time when its our turn reap havoc on our enemy's, with that being said an army is required to join us.

We are looking for both experinced and new players that fit the above description of a team player

i do not ask of you to for fill all these traits I'm merely saying that there more like guide lines then rules
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From experience, your not going to find many players that will exactly line up with that list of requirements. Not that most players are bad (not saying that), but no one is perfect. Your best bet would to be to look for those that match 3-4 most important of your requirements and invite them. You'll always have to work with players and get to know them. They might be just what your looking for, and maybe not. But its worth the time spent if they turn out to be what your looking for.


thanks for the info what you've said is true I'm not looking for the perfect players just people who are nice in general and 3-4 of those traits would be amazing and as you said again getting to know them is an important thing within an alliance, also smilodon your probably right i might need to bump the points level up a bit again thanks for the advise.