The Counter's @ Zero - Farewell Rhammus


Players, of Rhammus, past and present,

The counter has finally hit zero on this great server and barring the inevitable wait for us being unable to log into Rhammus any longer, it's all done and dusted.

I wanted to start this thread to simply thank everyone I've encountered in the game, for the hours of fun and frolics we've had over the 2+ years since it started. It's been an absolute blast and almost without exception, I've enjoyed the banter with allies and enemies alike.

Personally, winning the world wasn't a goal or priority for me and it wasn't the draw that kept me playing, despite RL constantly dragging me away. It was the people, especially in my own team, that made this such a compelling game to play.

In those 2 years, I've grown and seen other grow and change and I'll take many great experiences away into RL.

So here's to the people of Rhammus.

Happy New Year (pretty much) to you all and may each and every one of you have much happiness and health in RL.

With much respect,

Mike UK...


Happy New Year to you all so.
my alliance are are seeing the New Year in and closing server at the same time as for most of us it was our 1st server in the 2+yrs



Wish a happy New Year to all Rhammus players and hope you have a blessed 2017.

This has been an amazing server with it's ups and downs, glad I was part of it and glad I was able to spend it with some amazing people that I'm definitely going to miss.

Good to luck to everybody, be it in game or RL.

Jason / Digi


It figures this blockbuster of a world would finally come to a close on New Years/New Years Eve (depending on your location), something like 28 1/2 months after it initially opened, 20 1/2 months or so after it was initially won. Happy New Years to not just my brothers and sisters in EQ, but also to the many friends I made inside and outside of my alliance, and to everyone who made this world so competitive in 2014, 2015 and 2016. I raise a New Years toast to you all!

Best wishes to everyone in 2017 and beyond!

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So its over, the dust has settled, and EQ came out on top with 7 WW and the best damn bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure to game with. Thank you once again and a huge Happy New Year to you all...friends and foes alike.

I am so happy to have this server be my last and New years to be the day it ends...Just so fitting to have a fresh start to 2017 without having to be tied to a computer. I wish you all the best.



A happy and prosperous new year to all who graced Rhammus. We all persevered to see the end of this long server and I hope the perseverance showed sees us reep the rewards in our real life ventures.

Venom was full of great people who made the game vastly more exciting and even though a lot left us throughout the server there was still a determined collective who brought Venom a final flourish on the last day of fighting. A commendable effort from both sides.

JT / mrurson


Belated Happy New Year to all that saw this world through to the end.

My respect to the guys in Venom who helped me and guided me through this world without you (those long gone and those that remained) I would have quit this game ages ago

Congratulations to EQ for winning the world and giving us some epic battles to keep us all going .... its been a blast.