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Greetings faithful readers and new ones alike

Some of you may remember my newspaper that travels around with me wherever I go, most of the time. Well, The Daily Knight is, once again, back to bring you articles about, well, whatever I feel like writing at the time. As usual, I open up and say please, feel free to message me (either here or ingame) with your latest war stories, or even if you want to publish an article!

I would ask that we keep the comments to a minimum, and not enter with flaming, being aggressive or stupid, if you feel a need to comment, please keep it positive. If you have a problem with something I have written, message me, or write a letter to The Editor. Anything that is pure rage will be ignored, well written and easy to understand will be read.

Phew, thats out the way! Lets gets down to some great articles, fun times and analyses of whats going in this, new, world!



Hey, I'd like to help, I've read your articles and damn their good. Forget about my newspaper can I join you XD

Bohemond 1V

Just skip over me? cool..
apologies :( I've been busy today, and had to answer strike before he puts you all of my newspaper ;) Hai :D

@ Kayfon, thanks :) I welcome anyone who wants to write articles!


I Remember Back In My Day When I Had The Pleasure Of Being Interviewed For a Daily Knight Article, Good Times, Good Times. With All The Great Names I am Seeing in This World I Have a Feeling There Will Be Alot of News Worthy Events & Players To Cover. Eagerly Looking Forward To Reading Each Issue of The Daily Knight!

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Boh, it is so good to see you back. Having the Daily Knight is just an added treat.

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Hai Casper and Shewolff and king-slayer!

Glad to see old readers, friends and foes returning.

Right, I think I will actually get on with writing something very soooon....

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Interview...with David!

So, todays article is with David3737s one of the Founder of the currently number one ranked alliance in Helorus: Space Invaders. I was lucky enough to be able to secure an interview with him and try to find out for all my lucky readers some insights into this alliance.

Bohemond: So David, we all know Grepolis has been going on for a long time. How long have you been playing this game for, and what is your favourite world to date?
David: Well Bohemond, I started playing this game in Oct 2011, learnt a little on the rim in Psi and decided to graduate to the core when Delphi was opened. Obviously Delphi was my favourite world, played in ONE* there from day one to the end of WW, had a lot of fantastic battles and made some great friends, many of whom are here in Space Invaders.

Bohemond:So not a total novice then. Currently lead the top alliance in the world, what, in your view, has been integral to your current success?
David: Teamwork. It is everything to us, every claim a player places has multiple players helping voluntarily, every town in need of support gets filled. There are no ego’s or internal bickering, everyone just does whatever they can to make the alliance the best it can be.

Bohemond: Sounds the recipe for a successful long term alliance! Of course, the long term goal is victory, but are there any short term goals you are currently aiming for?
David: I don’t think I’m giving too much away when I say almost every successful alliance looks to solidify control of their ocean first, O55 is our backyard and that is what we’re working on at the moment.

Bohemond: So if your working on 055, which alliance is currently the number one foe you are aiming to crush?
David: Legion of Doom at number 3 in the world and 2 in our ocean, we’ve been fighting with them since protection ended and they seem to be a resilient bunch, had some attrition but made a merge so they continue to be an ongoing fight.

Bohemond: This is still a new world, but are there any alliances that have earned your respect so far?
DavidGenerally respect is given by me for a good battle, at the moment there are a few individual players who stand out as a good challenge from Legion of Doom and Team of God but not any alliances as a whole from who we’ve fought. I think from reputation and current ABPs you have to give respect to Juggernaut, Polish Legion and Stormcrows but as of yet we haven’t crossed swords and that is where you find out the true strength of an alliance.

Bohemond:Finally, David, what is your favourite drink?
David: I’m a fan of Swedish Cider, so has to be Kopperberg or Rekorderlig, just don’t drink and Grepo ;)

Bohemond: Haha, well said! I’ve seen that happen a few times over the years. Thank you for your time and conceding to do an interview with me.

So there you have it from one of the Founders of Space Invaders.


I don't know, but i think it will be better if every article has its own thread? so the future articles dont get lost in the spam!

Nice work.