The Demise of Grepolis (premades)


Kappa was amazing because of how chance turned the server against the only real premade
If I'm not mistaken Kadjayuni (and Du Patron?) collected a group of players solely with the purpose of fighting Black Shadows and stopping their goal of controlling all 4 core oceans from the start. Luck played a large part in Kappa, especially when so many good conflicts arose out of the all the tight knit alliances fighting for control. THAT'S what made Kappa good - the intense fighting and conflicts from very early on in every core ocean. There were always mini-wars going on and ops taking place. People couldn't just ride the tailcoats of their alliance, they had to learn how to run and run fast.

Hmm...I wonder. That may be a good idea. Stealth launch of a new world. Annouce it the day that it opens instead of a week before.
It'd take more than that - Tau was effectively 'stealth launched' but premades still made it in there. And now that there is also the invite system one could easily join in the fight a bit late and be near his premade buddies when the first players start ghosting a week after BP ends.


So some of us know that lots of people don't like premades, I don't either. If you didn't know go to here.

I think we should spread this around.

I understand they can't be completely stopped but I know people can make some measures. For examples no premades allowed to be made in the forums.

Also if anybody could, could they make a banner we can use in our signature to defy premades?

Okay I have a idea Dazzler got.

Imagine a stealth world and you don't get to choose where placed!

A stealth world is when the world is announced the day its released so it would be too late to make a premade.

You don't get to choose where placed, for example you can't pick North East.

Remember to read the thread I put a link up i'm sure it will change your opinion somewhat.
Muhaha!! You guys are wasting your time coming up with these ideas, you can't stop us, the next generation of premades we start are going to be even more organized than Project Venom ever was, the gap between non-premades and premades are going to be even bigger.

Fist Of The North Star

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the only way it could be stopped is making random the only direction selectable, the invite system doesn't matter too much as you need to wait for anchor points to appear on islands. As we all know worlds full up quick to begin with.

Don't hold your breath for this happening :D


Fotns, instead of making a pre-made make a none-premade.. get people signed up to random in and risk it :)


the only way it could be stopped is making random the only direction selectable, the invite system doesn't matter too much as you need to wait for anchor points to appear on islands. As we all know worlds full up quick to begin with.

Don't hold your breath for this happening :D
You still have the ability to invite people to build cities next to you.

There is really no way to stop premades. Every time you introduce an idea to stop them they will find a way around it.


Woow, this premade issue will not go away. They are here to stay quite frankly. When i started way in gamma days..premades were not all that popular, and our enemy and "pro" alliance was GrepoHugs. Thats my first world and first alliance I fought and learned the mechanics of this game. I founded an alliance and got my first taste of leadership, duties, knowing how to use your members, wars, diplomats, etc. Its all very exciting. Nowadays though, I find myself checking the Premade forum of every interesting world, just to see who I have to watch out for, rather than diving into a world and getting surprised.

I like joining unknown underdog alliances with noob players, because I like teaching them and watching them grow. These premades take away from that, bettter the masters of the game instead of helping some of these players who wish to be masters of this really awesome game.


Spectre I agree with all of that, but I mean premades are taking that away.


They are taking that away, and its annoying....quite shameful. But we all just gotta deal with it and make it happen.


Yeah i don't think it would be to create and alliance but to get agreement by players to land random and not get an alliance until they are in game.

how fun would it be if big players didn't choose their alliance until at least end of bp :)

Corinthian II

I'd love to see a world entirely without alliances. A lot of the 'best' players would be nothing without the strength of an alliance without them, so I think a free-for-all world would really be a good test of player skill. As someone else said, it would mess up the World Wonder system, so I suppose it wouldn't really be possible with the traditional rule set.

Worlds with a vastly reduced alliance limit would be nice, though. Such as alliance limit of 3 or 5 players. Similar, perhaps, to the 'tribe' limits imposed on some of the Speed rounds available on Inno's Tribalwars.

Corinthian II

It would be less of an issue than having an alliance limit of 50-200+, though. Some people would be inclined to play with just a small alliance. Of course there'd be some who decide to ruin the fun of it by forming massive unofficial alliances, but nothing to be done about that.

I suppose removing the option to select a starting position would be another way to get rid of premades, sort of. Have a world with regular settings, but everyone who signs up is positioned randomly.


An outsiders view

Here are a few observations from a relative newcomer to Grepolis:

It seems that a single lone player cannot be competitive in the game - no matter how hard he tries. Instead, the team he plays on will determines his degree of success and level of fun. Under this circumstance, alliance is very important to a smart player.

Much worry is expressed that a "club" of veteran players will form a premade alliance that will dominate the server from the start. How is this any different than a "club" of vets forming a dominate alliance after the game has started? Isn't world domination the basic purpose of this game? And isnt a powerful team the only means?

Lack of opportunity? I dont see it on Delphi... two evenly matched alliances with two other alliances in the wings that are more than capable of killing the winner of that match.

I wish I knew more vets. If I did, I could arrange to start with them on the next world instead of randomly landing in the middle of a slum of inactive noobies. Gee whiz.... OMG... thats a pre-made!

And by the way... I am unsettled at this new idea to change Grepolis into a Little League of Fair and Balanced Gameplay through an officially sanctioned draft system. My god, instead of one dominate alliance to deal with - you will create four dominate ones. What a turn off - if you want to "play" competitively you get "assigned" to a pre-made for the sake of balance. What happened to the fun of playing with your friends?

Instead of a draft - I think the game needs less "organization" and more chaos - which means more active players. I suspect most of these old timers are remembering a time when they were noobies and there were a lot more active players. This is what happened in Evony - it may be repeating here. If you want to bring those times back - you need to bring in more new players and encourage their development.

If INNOgames wants to limit the impact of pre-mades... set the alliance cap to 12 or 15 on the next world. MRAs dissappear - and diplomancy becomes necessary.


Mr. Mu (August)
But MRAs are the best part of the game! You get to farm them! And you DO know that premades usually fail, right?


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To be honest this whole thread is fotns saying something and quite a few rimmers jumping on the bandwagon... when was the last world a premade went and dominated it recently?