The Dominion Calls!

TD Brutus

Hello skilled artisans of the grepolis forums!

I have got to say I have been impressed by some of the artwork here, and I find myself, and more specifically my alliance, the glorious Dominion, sorely lacking decent graphics for pretty much everything.

Our full name is, The Dominion, and as I stated above, we require a full sized banner, an image for our alliance profile, and a selection of avatars for fanatical players, and pretty much any other artwork people generally consider good to have as an alliance, and as a player.

We require continuation of a theme throughout the banner and all other artwork. What that theme should be is purely up to yourselves. We are both warlike and a proud alliance (as you can no doubt tell) and many of us are both stubborn and hardy. This theme of war and endurance may be a good starting point, although truly, we are open to suggestions on any themes.

A big ask I know, but once we have the artwork, and the council of The Dominion is content, or maybe even happy with it, it will be used by the huge majority of our players/clan as well as myself, and as the glory of The Dominion continues to spread, then more and more people will see your artwork.

If you accept this challenge, then the honour of aiding The Dominion shall be great. Now, get to work ya peasants!
TD Brutus