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J.n.c 93

Hello all,

Firstly my name is James and I am the Founder of The Elite. I Founded the Elite on the 13th of June 2010. We were mainly located in Ocean 52 but now we are mainly located in Both Oceans 52 and 53, We are currently rank 1 in Ocean 52 and rank 2 ( soon to be rank 1 ) in Ocean 53. My alliance has under 50 members, we do not mass recruit. I made my alliance to be for the most Active, supportive and Team working players... So far we have done that and we have secured our Positions in Our main Oceans. We went from the bottom Alliance rankings to Rank 16 in the world which is amazing.

My alliance has currently beaten many smaller alliances when we were smaller in Ocean 52 and we just recently beaten the Alliance *PkNet*, we have conquered 13 of there cities and they've conquered none of ours + we have crippled there leadership and many of there bigger members left. Now they are very weak.

Everyday we are growing stronger. We are currently backing BLACK A.R.M.A.D.A against The ARMY OF ZEUSE. So we will eliminate AoZ out of Our home oceans of Ocean 52 and 53.

We have tightened our recruitment so currently you have to have at least 10k points with 2 cities and a strong army and to be in Ocean 52 or 53. So if you have these requirements then mail me on Eta and let me know. Also WE DO NOT ACCEPT REFUGEES!

J.n.c 93 - Founder
Blade278 - Co Founder
Chizerz - Ocean 52 General
Carl Morgun - Ocean 53 General
Komagos - Diplomat ( One of the best )

Good luck to all alliances and may you all prosper ;)

Founder of The Elite
J.n.c 93

THE ELITE IS DEAD AND IS NOW KNOWN AS THE STEEL TITANS! If you're interested in TE's story, then read this;! I've just finished it, enjoy.

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J.n.c 93

Now Rank 1 in Ocean 53. Rank 12 in The Alliance rankings with only 48 players with an average of 29,887 points :)


lol if i would have been in Ocean 52 or 53 i would have chose you guys
To bad I'm not :p

Lord Hampshire

Yeah if you are active as you say you are I would join sadly I am in oc23 and control a
landless rabble bent on sending swordsmen to attack luckily i have 35 members so 35 members plus 200 sword for free bp is easy for me

J.n.c 93

Rank 8 and going up! Soon rank 7, going to over take WoA and then hopefully overtake Fate maybe and become rank 6 :D


Errr... right... .... .... what?

Firstly, bad form for littering The Elite's thread with your words. If you have a problem with them, take it in-game, not here.

It seems to me that you guys just have bad diplomacy. All I saw was that the Elite cast lightning bolt on a Tribunal member. I'm sure it was an accident or something but somehow, two days later, it turns into war. ? An decent diplomat would've resolved such a minor issue.

This stuff (the creeping into your ocean, recruiting your enemies and members, etc) doesn't happen overnight. If you had a problem before, I was never informed and Scully makes sure to inform the Senate within Fate of every important diplomatic issue.

Of course, I'm the furthest thing from my alliance's diplomat, but please don't finger Fate as being partially to blame.