Pnp The Empire Is No More


The mighty Empire was the King and Queen of the server and now it's gone..!?! How on earth did this even..

So we were all chillin' happily and being cool and killing everyone and we were invincible and stuffs and there was nothing on this world that could threaten our greatness, like cmon'..?

But inside this great bubble of awesomness discontent was brewing and a power struggle greater than Luke vs. his father took place. Not much rejoicing followed and the original founders of the Empire left to build their own little empire, leaving the troopers running the legacy of The Empire bitter beyond imagination.

A hatred was emerging in The Empire as their little death star had been taken away from them and with tensions boiling they decided that their empire was the best empire and the infidels had to be destroyed. A brief but eventful battle between old family members followed.

Vigilant rebel hordes in the west, sensing a weakness in the force, crushed the Empire into a fledgling coalition of die-hard core of misfits and the Empire's best sons and daughters fled to either side of the forces rushing to mop up the remains.

Now the saga has to come and end with the last of The Empire's forces joining the ranks of the mighty rebel republic in a last ditch effort to get their revenge on their old bretheren whose loyalty to one-another led to the downfall of the once so glorious Empire.

May the force be with You SG!

The original Empire will be remembered!
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Dj promised of unveiling of his super secret hidden identity within HH, along with Boris. What have you done to the good old dj, you haven't reformed him have you? :eek:
So what happened to the mass uneviling from you two!!!! I was waiting for starts, fireworks, mass ghosting of accounts. But all that happened was you two hit vm!

You two need to spend more time with me. Need to learn some tricks how to maintain image of a master noob, villiage idiot, player with no skills. If only you asked my advice earlier this ending would be so epic. Now it's all damp squib!

Tea city

Boris did not ghost since he wants to keep blocked the ww sites of Hellfish,while the other lad is just a miserable human with no principles.
Told you djsof,wash and shut your loud mouth before going in a frenzy of insults toward HERT!

Tea city

Choppy ghosted.
Mikk had a sense of humor which often made all laugh and enjoy the externals:)
One min silence in his memory:)