The 28-day countdown to world's end is finally on!

This is my first world where I've stayed to the end. I must be a simmer at heart, because I've kinda enjoyed the low-stakes play these last few months - eating inactives, growing points and cities, participating in the usually futile and occasionally successful BP-fest battles with the few remaining active enemy fighters, and chatting with those same enemies to get to know them better and show some respect.

This is a dead forum, but on the off chance that someone still reads this, are there any parting words from past and present Sely players about their experience playing here? Best memories? Shout-outs to certain players or alliances?

I think this world was a great one, but that's probably a totally biased opinion because my team won the world in an unexpected way. Met some awesome people and have a whole long list of folks I'd play with again, including a lot of players with red flags (and a just a few blue and green I flat wouldn't - lol). But that will have to wait, as I am taking a break until at least next year. I WILL LIVE THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS IN PEACE, THANK THE GODS!

Cheers to all my fellow Sely players - especially those who remain active to the end. It's been a blast.


I enjoyed this world, but then again I am a sucker for slow/medium paced revolt settings. This would have been an outstanding server to play with the new domination rules.


I'm with you, Alexander. While I enjoy a good battle for a city, I'm all about the diplo/team building side of the game which a slower server favors. If this were a domination world, the smaller alliance size would require PACTS/sisters with the realization that many players fall by the wayside. Internalization would have to be brutal to establish a solid core. Great leadership would be essential to keep everyone motivated and focused.

I wonder if the Son's off-center ocean domination strategy would have paid off better if this were a domination world. As it was, the RA/Cleo strategy to use supporting alliances to help resource wonders and be favor farms with the understanding that half-active helpers would get a crown when cycled in really helped win the game (along with good diplo to end the 3-way standoff). With no such use for supporting alliances and semi-active players, things may have turned out differently for the Sons, with their oceans so blanketed

Will be watching the current and new dom worlds to see how the end game plays out. Will massive battles between alliances that have held off fighting for dominance while building their cores and feeding off the weak begin or will the "best of" those alliances team up to eat the "unworthy"? Have my popcorn at hand!!