The End of the World and the Epic Demolition of one of Invicta Golden Boys


  • Citizens of Carystus! The End of the World Approaches and this indeed has been an epic and memorable world with the imploding of the NoobVicta or GhostVicta Empire and the defeat and fall of their golden boys and girls. Their name appropriately defining the noobish play when playing without mega coalitions and their aim to cowardly get ghosts.

  • Ours is not a drive for power, but purely and desperate fight for our autonomy and independence. Soldiers of freedom do not covet anything for themselves or to exert power over others in the game. They fight only for the freedom and liberty of their cities.

  • The great dramatic battle of Carystus is the dismantling of Empire of INVICTA and the deepening of democracy. This is more a colossal fight over visions and ideas than a catastrophic struggle over cities and world wonders.

  • I believe that in the history of world, there has not been a more genuinely democratic struggle for freedom than ours, with the exception perhaps of the glorious Mesembria World.

  • Those who fought violently against Invicta were driven by deep desire to be their own master. These is why we finished fighting and dismantled an Empire based on chains and servants. We had the most powerful arsenal of the armies of the world. By this I mean the moral courage and valour of free men and woman.

  • This was something that we had. This was something that our enemies lacked. The valour and ingenuity of free man led among other heroic deeds the unconditional fall of some of the most valued Invicta agents such as TJ Kanniben, Skudish, Silver Witch, and most lately, KinKIn.

  • Free men and women hemorrhaged KinKIn without mercy. Barely able to make a successful defense. Not that he or other invicta leaders did not try. As some of them parked 12,000 birs in one city.

    This world is an incredible lesson for other worlds. It shows the vulnerability of the Victrix/NoobVicta empire and their agents. Their strength reside in their mega-pacting and shameful practice of NAP's, but their weakness is found in what makes them dominant. A crisis of contradictions that makes them also infinitely vulnerable. Their autocratic and tyrannical structures makes their playes quit worlds and helpless defenders and attackers on their own.

  • Long live the rebellion and their heroes who are too many to remember, but I must at least include: LookLeft, Wanda.p, Ozzz, AngeyP, Aris1, Solarish, BigDog and so many others. Their heroic battles will never be forgotten as their valour subjugated, humilliated and exposed a weeping Noobvicta alliance.
  • Rest in peace heroic warriors as you have shown that the impossible is very possible.



The video for the farewell of this epic and memorable world.


This was fun! One of the most interesting and unpredictable worlds in recent history.
This world witnessed the break and defeat of the core of the "Empire", the destruction of their world wonders, and the rise and absolute dominance of Piracy.
1 0ZZZ 18 074 370
2 lisa751 13 332 255
3 A.c.c.a.l.i.a 12 584 268
4 Hurricane267 10 565 166
5 Look Left 9 761 121

You have to give credit to Ozzz, whether you like it or not, but this guy and his teammate have revolutionized the game. Look at those points. He and Angey crushed and wiped those guys.
Their raids and make look Invicta like a bunch of noobs.

I also enjoyed coming to their core and conquering their cities and raiding them at galore. They tried to get cheeky in the last 24 hours. This is not surprising given their treacherous ways (something to be improved by INNO--i.e. to be explicit the end of the game is not clear---a countdown might be better, as some of us expected the game to end yesterday) , but anyway they went with their tails between their legs.

Now I move to Istros to battle and raid the innocent noob huggers.
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