The End


So the end has finally arrived to what was one of my favorite servers i've played.
Made some good friends here, some good enemies as well, i wish everyone (friend or foe) good luck in future servers.

Thank you to Stormvoort for playing such a long time with me from the early days against NmE till my end against Triad, O44 buddy. Also lots of love to my crew in O45, kdaroks, nikazar, ludibakalula, farabdul, roman and pokeye, had an amazing time with mounting ops against NN and Triad with them.
Thank you to the O44 guys i've played a long time with as well such as smycroft, thunderarcher, ladymarissa, macgeekmom and many more. In short, thank you to Two For Flinching, SoTo and MoRC for giving me a great time.

Also a special mention to a couple of enemies. LordBaer, Djrlol, Valkeneth, LordDagger, Blue Nile, SH10, fought against you guys for several months and i can say after playing a couple of new servers that you guys were probably my best enemies (in terms of difficulty and skill). And the 2 macros/makros as well.

Happy Hunting,
Digital Mystikz


This server closing, closes a great memory in my Grepolis career. I was one of the 3 founders of NmE and NN. I remember all of you guys from 24F because you guys gave us a heck of a fight. I remember us almost rimming Roman early on then all of a suddend, him with tons of cities. :D Thank you guys for being such formidable foes early on.

R.I.P Athens

P.S. Any old NmE or 24F members that are looking to start this new speed 3/3 world, please contact me as I want to meet up and play together again.

Again thanks for the memories,


sorry to see Athens go there certainly won't be another server like it :( i'd like to give a big thanks to jim the conquerer, makthewhite and mauve for some great times here


this will be my second server i played from the start to the very end and by far the most entertaining one

from the mosh pit in the core gaining tons of DBP and reaching it's very top to reaching heights of ABP chart is something you don't witness on yourself every day. it's been 2 years of ''arrival'' from xi with my alliance mates, over forming MORC with other minor alliances, over WW era and the obvious withering of the server we have now and i can tell you, i'd like another round, the beers are on me :)

i'll remember this server for being dynamic, for it's epic siege protections or breaking, for one alliance winning 4/7 WW and other winning the 7/7, for some of the milestones i or someone else did that i have never seen anywhere else and for some of the very helpful teammates and worthy opponents. as the latin saying says: names are odious ;)

i will continue playing this game on in the next server, whatever it will be called, who's settings we are voting for at the moment. i'm inviting all of you to join me and some players who have shown interest about it. we are already on skype and ready


Well i sent my fav foes a pm saying goodbye last week, but for all you folk friend or foe, good luck in rl and future gaming.



Athens was my 2nd server & probably in a lot of ways, my fav.

Joining Hammer of Thor & wiping out many ERUSID cities was a lot of fun & getting to know Beanie61, StephaneV & Jim the conqueror was great & I'd like to think I made a big impact on that alliance, but Jim made a huge mistake merging into the SPARTAN 300, the two alliances just didn't click & when war broke out with SunTzu, there just wasn't the incentive by most of the members to do anything or for many of the former Hammer of Thor to give their all, try as I might to motivate them.

Oh I did enjoy busting the GLORIOUS tomb island almost virtually solo & I held on to it probably a lot longer than I should have...

To return later to join Triad was an excellent experience & I've Ronnie4183, FCUM1 & djrlol to thank for getting my in, they're a remarkably committed group of players & I hope they overcome the odds & win on Oropos (en60).

* Watching the war unfold between BoB, Triad & MoRC
* Winning the 7 wonder runner up prize (Yes you MoRC guys, I know it's not as good as the 4/7 wonder award)
* Many friendships, that include: Maciver, Nafplion, Jim the Conqueror, Seydon, stengermeeldoos, Beanie61, StephaneV, sswrexham, Ronnie4183, FCUM1, herbanion...there were many, sorry if I haven't mentioned you.

Honorable mentions:
* gumbles: remarkable attacking player, a real adversary & posted some of the most humorous topics I've read.
* Nordic Nightmares: didn't know many of them till much later, but a look on grepostats says it all about them...

dishonrable mentions:
* Just the one...GLORIOUS...the pathetic alliance I've ever seen (couple of their guys were alright). Anyone who had the misfortune of knowing Jain Aditya I offer my condolences.

Have a good one all!


Athens was my first server, i will be looking forward to joining forces with any Athens members going forward onto new milestones.

i must appreciate my thnx to the allmighty Cobra for teaching me and getting me interested in Grepolis. I made alot of good friends and enemies along the way. To many to mention tbh but there where a couple of players i would like to highlight, Hatesong, Stengermeldoos, Djrlol, sh101, Lordbaer, lord dagger, valkeneth, JB, knightme, simone77, tallerkenogbord, northernontario, kdaroks, and my old buddy fara. i will allways treasure teh moments we had on this game, Digi, nikazar, gumbles all made the game interesting for me wether it was on the forum or ingame pm\fights.

i hope i will c you all in the future on another server above speed 1....

Thank you for 2 great years, we had alot of ups and downs