The Era of Triad


MoRC is dead. They all quited. This is the era of triad now. it will be suntzu vs. triad soon. what will make the big difference is RAAA though. i believe triad will win because though. what do you think?


Well, While Triad is now ranked as the number 1 alliance it doesn't mean that it's going to be plain sailing for us from here on out.

MoRC are not dead yet - they have plenty of players yet who want to carry on the fight, and they still hold 3 WW's. They also showed that they are capable of breaking Triad WW's the other day.

RAAAA will provide a challenge in the south no doubt - with 48 large, active players who are not the biggest fans of Triad and with close ties to MoRC in that area I can see this being a long, protracted battle with large losses on boh sides.

As for SunTzu, Triad and ST have always had a great relationship and I would be very saddened and surprised if war occured between us. Not least because RAAAA appear to have serious beef with SunTzu/Gumbles so I would imagine that is number one priority at the minute.


Nah, SunTzu and Triad are more likely to merge if anything.
Gumbles from his bunker in Germany:
Ah well, now all that counts is Triad do win so you guys choke on your own hate :)
So they probably will win, but I hope we wont make it too easy for them ;)

Digital Mystikz

This world will be dead before triad get their hands on the 3 other ww's imo. There are around 100 players a month leaving the game, so it will be sooner than you think.

Leonidas Agiad

We're down to something of a skeleton staff ourselves in MORC ... only 40% of those who Won the Athens
Victors Of The World medal are still here (even so, we're still making a nuisance of ourselves) !
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