The Fall and Sack of Invicta

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  1. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    A reflection in history
    Is a glimpse of the future
    What more can we expect
    But to follow in their footsteps

    Record this moment
    Coming back around again
    Our fate in parallel
    With those of the ancients

    Constantly evolving
    Is the mirror of our time
    To repeat the past
    In the time of the present

    The fallen empire is dead
    Like a statue fallen down
    Fires were burned beneath our heads
    Another nation burned to the ground

    Invicta's cities are sacked
    Come to their core to enjoy the looting
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  2. nestorZ

    nestorZ Phrourach

    Oct 24, 2010
  3. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    Their armies are feeble. As a group they are strong, but individually or in small groups, they are very weak. It is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    It is open season....come to the core and enjoy the looting!!!
  4. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    Many riches...await...come quickly to their core and sack their cities....
  5. StAthanasius

    StAthanasius Chiliarch

    May 25, 2015
    wow :p We have been defeated lol ... We have left the server ages ago after all the 7 WWs were built :p
    i don't know who are you attacking, probably scraps ... if this is your way of drawing silver and Mac to react, then by all means go for it :D
    congrats to Noc for being the top dog of this dead rock :p
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  6. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    oh yes, baby!!
    It is a myth that you have left the server. You are still playing. You are defending, golding walls, sending support, and building troops.
    If you are not playing, then you would not be there. You see. You can not play and play at the same time. It is either one or the other.
    You are pregnant or you are not pregnant.

    The issue is that you have been exposed. As a Mega group, you are INVICTA, as defenders and playing in small groups you NOOBVICTA.

    We are deep inside your core, taking your chunky cities and subduing your leaders to the point that they are throwing the towel. If not go and ask to your supreme leader, TJ Kanniben, we have left her cities naked and raided at will. Her defense is all over the place because she got so confused and overwhelmed by simply distractionary attacks. Some cities have 4,000 birs and 10K troops and others are almost empty and ready for the plunder.

    The invincible INVICTA is mere propaganda. They are quite weak players when they have to defend or play one on one.
    We are having a party thanks to your noobish defending....
  7. Raydium88

    Raydium88 Chiliarch

    Mar 11, 2017
    Reality check: Everyone else has moved on months ago, to play the most recent Revolt servers. Those weak players, have mopped the floor, took the prize and went to claim other worlds... whilst you seek gratification off a long dead server lol.

    It is as they say, some move on, others just get stuck... for an outsider this all just looks quite petty. But hey, whatever fuels your ego [​IMG]
    Vultures be vultures.

    PS: at least the poem's nice...
  8. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    I always find amusing how the agents of the Empire always assume that THEIR self-serving reality is REALITY.

    1) SELF SERVING RealiTY: "Everyone else has moved on months ago,"
    FACT: YOU are playing if you are logging in the game, if you are golding walls, and if you are trying to defend the cities.

    If you are not playing, then ghost, give your cities to your teammates, go on vacation mode, or tell your teammates to take care of your cities, or use the alarm.

    If you are losing cities in your core or your world wonders, then it is the result of POOR play and planning.
    It is not the fault of the guy who is playing until the end, which is the WAY the game is intended to be played.

    2) SELF SERVING REality: "it is as they say, move on"
    FACT: The game ends when it ENDS. It does not ends when YOU choose to leave because you know that you are weak at it.

    FACT: Invicta players are good at attacking in mega alliance groups. When they are left to battle in equal numbers, they simply SUCK at it.
    They suck BADLY.
    It is easy to confuse them. They are very naive in this respect.

    If their leadership sucks at planning post world wonders stages, then it is not our fault.

    The game ENDS when it ENDS not when you conveniently decide that it ends (i.e. meaning when you suck at it)

    Invicta reminds me of kid that I knew when I was a child. Every time that he would get tired and start to lose, he will take the ball and go home.
  9. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    How Invicta and their supporters react when losing cities...

    They are noobs when it comes to defending.
  10. dadofwildthang

    dadofwildthang Phrourach

    Dec 24, 2012
    Its amazing how "non agents of the empire", check the mirror, can believe their own self-serving reality is the truth ..... what drivel
  11. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    So ...are these city loses faked?
    This Invicta supreme leader has received a pounding of epic proportions.....and the support keeps coming in...just to get slaughtered...

    Time City Ex-Owner New Owner Ex-Alliance Alliance Points
    Sat Feb 09 2019 21:54:50 TJ Kaniben Raided TJ Kaniben FutbolTango BLACK SAILS XX 16226
    Fri Feb 08 2019 18:26:32 TJ Kaniben Duped TJ Kaniben FutbolTango BLACK SAILS XX 14778
    Thu Feb 07 2019 08:15:14 054 Inv Pyramid X TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 16058
    Tue Feb 05 2019 01:05:07 054 Lonely TJ Kaniben 0ZZZ New Chosen Toons 16359
    Sun Feb 03 2019 20:37:09 ---here TJ Kaniben 0ZZZ BLACK SAILS XIII 15332
    Sun Feb 03 2019 07:38:13 054 Inv Colossus III TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 16977
    Sun Feb 03 2019 04:46:14 Then yor Donkey here TJ Kaniben 0ZZZ BLACK SAILS XIII 16542
    Sat Feb 02 2019 04:57:20 T Your Donkey here TJ Kaniben 0ZZZ New Chosen Toons 10090
    Sat Feb 02 2019 04:11:42 X WOLF 1aug TJ Kaniben 0ZZZ New Chosen Toons 15226
    Tue Jan 29 2019 06:46:11 054 Inv Gardens IV TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 17314
    Sat Jan 26 2019 16:33:50 054 Inv Gardens III TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 16238
    Fri Jan 25 2019 17:21:40 *..Pius TJ Kaniben mr chimp The Border Reivers 15541
    Mon Jan 21 2019 07:15:10 054 Inv Gardens II TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 15486
    Sun Jan 20 2019 06:59:50 054 Inv Colossus II TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 15427
    Sat Jan 19 2019 07:23:18 054 Inv Pyramid V TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 15172
    Fri Jan 18 2019 07:37:48 054 Inv Pyramid VI TJ Kaniben Look Left New Chosen Toons 14354
    Sat Jan 12 2019 23:32:22 -modernworld TJ Kaniben mr chimp The Border Reivers 15210
    Mon Jan 07 2019 20:32:53 T05. TJ Kaniben FutbolTango BLACK SAILS XX 17276
    Thu Nov 22 2018 11:51:48 54.17 Nana Dirkerin TJ Kaniben christochristou New Chosen Toons 16813
  12. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    we are toppling the cities and statues of the Invicta Leaders in their core...Long live the uprising against these imperial dictators!
  13. .magick.

    .magick. Staff Member

    Sep 20, 2015
    Please stop double, triple and quadruple posting. That does breach rules and can be considered spam. If it happens again, infractions will be issued.
  14. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    You are penalizing the guy who is trying to spark the forums and the world.
    I understand that it is easy to manage a forum where no one literally creates a thread in a year, and makes your job easy.
    At the end, rather than censoring the player who cares and spends money and time on the game, you should be helpful and improve your customer service support. You should provide guidance and mentorship when it comes to posting. Remember we pay your bills.
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  15. silver witch

    silver witch Phrourach

    Sep 20, 2014
    If you want to see the invicta team that won this world look at the names in the hall of fame. My guess is it’s very diff to now.

    This may be your reality futbol but it isn’t mine. We have diff realities but that’s fine.

    Post what u like. If you find yourself in a world with us where there is still a real prize to win I think u will find a different game.
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  16. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    Dear Silver,
    This is the hypocrisy of the empire. You state: "Post what u like", and your fellow moderator is censoring and threatening me and deleting my posts. This is part of the problem. Having players in positions of moderators and council members and then engaging in discussion. The objectivity and unbiased aspect is completely lost.
    The post deleted was a call to the arms to invade Invicta territory, and then it gets conveniently deleted. I can not reply to you the proper way because I will be banned. I am really sorry that your alliance is losing cities and territory as candy and you are handling this poorly.
  17. Baudin Toolan

    Baudin Toolan Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    The comment by magick about double and triple posting isn't meant to discourage activity. Double and triple posting is by it's very nature almost always spam. I'm not referring to someone posting twice in a row in a quiet thread where the second post happened some time after the first one like hours or a day. What we consider double/triple/quadruple posting spam is when someone replies to their own comment shortly after they post it with an additional thought that could have been included in the previous post if they had chosen to edit their first post.

    In these recent cases of futbol's posts it was an 11 minute gap the first time, a 13 minute gap the second time, and an 11 minute gap the third time. Each time the follow up post is short and clearly replying to their previous post. These second posts could have very easily been edited into the previous post or they could have waited a couple of hours to see if someone replied to the initial comment.
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  18. Raydium88

    Raydium88 Chiliarch

    Mar 11, 2017
    not to mention the multiple threads, which are exact PnP replicas of previous ones by him, on the same exact subject created with hours apart lol
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  19. FutbolTango

    FutbolTango Hipparchus

    Mar 29, 2017
    This is simply not fair, but I do not want to add controversy.
  20. silver witch

    silver witch Phrourach

    Sep 20, 2014
    The rules apply to everyone futbol - you can say and post what you like within the rules just not multiple times.

    We have all received the message that you do not see Invicta as any sort of threat, that you have taken many cities and you want others to come and join in the fight. Thats your opinion. It doesnt change the fact that we won convincingly, that 6-12 months ago we were all active and that we achieved that without help from multiple alliances because we fought the whole server and therefore had a group of very strong players. Its actually rare these days to build without lots of outside help and its also unusual to manage all 7 at once. We are proud of those achievements and we have mostly moved on. We do not insult you guys for your achievements since and there is no reason to insult us for moving on.

    Personally the only reason I am still there is because Hurricane continues to uphold the flag and i dont want to hand him another load of ghosts. Hurricane and a few others have had a great fight against you all but sadly for the rest of us you just didnt travel close enough while we were fighting.
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