The Fall of Bad With Names


If you’re telling the truth then the leaders lied straight to my face as well as to every single member on our team. I sincerely hope your info is bad, as some of your other info is.

I don’t know exactly why Xuegou quit, but towards the end there may have been some ultimatums for sure. At the beginning though, the leaders worked well together.... just maybe didn’t make the best decisions together.

We created a “box” for a few months where we could only conquer like one island into 44, because for WW in 45 we were making terrible progress turning the ocean blue - too many were going for the softies in 44.

Lmao all fishing tactics on the offering money for spam. I did the same thing trying to find out who was spamming us every couple of minutes for 8-16 hours a day straight. Anyone with a brain would do the same, and unless you can show me that money changed hands... I’m chalking it straight up to that.
i would not trust "fixed rates" about anything, he is really good at cheating, scamming, and faking things, 0 integrity nor morals.

As for that screen shoot, unless kimi herself tells you straight she sent that, i would say the screen/msg was faked, considering "fixed rates" and his friends like spending their time making accounts, spamming people and whatever else, in case you were wondering who it was behind the spam on bwn and pretty much any spam scenario in grepo :)


I have not been playing this game almost year because army duty calling. And my names are everywhere. I feel loved :cool: