The First real war of Golgi

Tea city

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erik wijmeersch is definitely one of the best
if he takes this world seriously im betting my bottom dollar he will be in the top five ranking and ABP that I guarantee


He was kicked.

Poor defence by alliance.
Musk Leaders ignored his def requests.
Musk Leaders had all their cities stacked.
And as always simple soldiers looses cities.
FACT not words .
You seem well informed as usual Athena/Sam/Iconic/Amnesia, etc.
Who is it this time? Your granny? Your doggie?

Tea city

Hmm,mungustan got banned( infracted) for that last night.
Remove it my dear;)

devious greedy dee

tea i dont know if your putting that in banter or not my guess is probably yes
that quote was never said about erik though as you obviously know good thing is i can remember exactly who i was speaking about and exactly who obviously gave you the info from a private pm
if nothing else i appreciate that

Tea city

Private in Eubea externals?

It just show how people change,nothing else;)
Who changed Erik or you?
I say Erik:p

devious greedy dee

i havent i dont think lol
i cant answer for anyone else and yes i know erik is a good player he and phonoi taught me what to do when i first started in myonia :) but i cant remember posting that i hardly come on externals eubea is also a world i cant remember playing in thats honestly if i did though my apologies in advance i dont like liars so do try to tell the truth except to the wife when shes asks me for money:)

Tea city

Now u know,lol

Next time do not join scalp seekers motivated by envy and smallspiritness;)

Good choice for the money.
Never show your wife the paycheck or you end up begging cigarettes to your friends after removing her shoes collection to open the door:d
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They will get rid off unstable characters, jumpers, part-time players and use bp for new slots. Muskes has lost more cities so far and even few players, but it is an exceptional and solid team, so to cut all talks beforehand, Musks will stand and blossom and will take much more cities than have been lost.
Im waiting for this so called blossom :D but you are right, the unstable and part timers are being found out right now :D


You seem well informed as usual Athena/Sam/Iconic/Amnesia, etc.
Who is it this time? Your granny? Your doggie?
may be yes...also my cat have a Grepo account.
but please , don't talk about me focused to take 2k points cities and internals...
"using" some boys for get're Famous for this my Dear
and now i'm sorry , but i need to send a couple of cs to your allies ;D
This is for you Babe:
lol... good one
Was good also when i conquered to you dozens of cities on Myonia..killing your fireships with biremes.
Really really good..;D
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Tea city

Firkirk just grabbed the fiftieth city in the op which started yesterday.


lol Tea....
Im poor gold....just focus at en90 to grab
But Im trying take the city in Golgi, I have some question, why
Dave is returning my Support ...twice

I was confuse, why he keep returning..
but after my Friend RoyalMancunian was told me like this..
Hey bro..why you send Birs to your revolted target city..?
On that time I just realized its Revolt World, oh yeah, why should I send birs to my revolting target...

Sorry, Im too focus in EN90, (Helike) which is Conquest world, forget in Golgi

Happy Weekend
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Tea city

Yep,Pelly Kroud is threatening a lot:d
Even the selling of bloods is presented as triumph, lol

Tea city

Our op is just over.
73 victories( all from inactives of course,lol) in 2,5 days or slightly longer.
Could have gone better but the scalp seeker run into VM full of fear( and is inquiring if we will continue to shoot him down if he will come back),

Come Raivo,come.Don't be afraid:)
Op is over now,think you can handle it now:d

xAlpha Male

Poor worldwide (englosh servers) legends losing 50-70 cities each OP, and gaining 2-3 Good job. They have to OP alliances outside of top 5 to be able to take some cities lol. Most of the members full def, thats just win :)

All honor to all honor members who are fighting and not hitting VM like your leadership did.