The Forgotten Templars are Recruiting.

xXM4R1N3 27Xx

We are The Templars In our alliance we may not have the best commanders, or the best rulers. But we do have pride, for if you are not PROUD to be a Templar you are NOT a Templar.We are a sensible alliance, we are not barbaric or stupid,and we will not attack for no reason.We are very organized, and orderly so we have a democratic way of leading, all who join shall have a voice in what the alliance does, who we attack,who enters....and who leaves.Do not think we will let you push us around,for if you believe we can be pushed around for just a second your cities shall be snatched from your hands,your troops will be cut down, and your empire will crumble. Our members are brothers in arms we are ALL equal, because this alliance would never let some incompetent fool in! If you join the Templars you are a brother, and you have your duty to protect this alliance and expand it. Have faith my friends! We are the Templars!

We are recruiting YES WE ARE SMALL, if you are looking for a bigger alliance please look elsewhere. My city is in ocean 22 therefore we are recruiting in that area , we will not accept anyone UNDER 300 points or immature people who aren't really into the game. We are going to be ORGANIZED and ORDERLY so if you do not truly want to be in our alliance do not message me. If you want to be in our brotherhood of templars please message me thanks
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