The Gathering Of Gods (EN 80)

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The Gathering of Gods will be a restarting in world 80, with all my friends, its pretty obvious what were gonna do, so its dumb to keep rexplaining.
However we would like to offer a hand out to anyone to come join us, please mail us inside a world where either me or some of my friends actually play (e.g pandosia, Nysa, Olythus) or reply to this thread... were obviously all gonna start in the same area via the invite system. Yeh we know their are going to be other big premades, but I highly doubt well lose.
If your an old player well be glad to keep your back
If your a new player wed be glad to teach you.
Theres not really thaat much to say but please mail me if you have any questions or want anything.
Well probably go South West
We have a moderaley large member list currently (20 - 30 ) players
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