THE GOD FATHER alliance is looking for new players!

Discussion in 'Baris Alliances' started by jmartini4578, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. jmartini4578

    jmartini4578 Guest

    If your a new player and haven't created an account yet, please click here.

    If you have an account, please in-game message TOP SHOTTA X or crossbow101 for an invite! Every active player is wanted. We are expanding our oceans, so location doesn't matter much to us, but we are based out of ocean 54 and surrounding oceans. If you join soon, you will get a chance to have a job in the alliance! All players of different experience levels are welcome!

    We would like the most new players from these oceans: 34, 35, 54!
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  2. prendraga

    prendraga Guest

    Having 20 inactive players is also a problem out of 49 members... then 7 more are being farmed daily,maybe you should clean up your alliance and kick all the inactive players,this would most definitely make it more appealing for players willing to join.My opinion is if you are looking for a terrible in game experience this is the alliance for you.Alliance bp, Abp= 127 Dbp= 770
  3. joseph-laff

    joseph-laff Phrourach

    Mar 3, 2012
    lol 770 dbp should have gotten more than that just via militia kills :D
  4. prendraga

    prendraga Guest

    Thats the problem bet they dont activate militia and anyway who would want free bp lol
  5. puthia

    puthia Guest

    Get a chance to have a job in the alliance?
    This sounds like, you know, "I have candy, get in the van"!
    Most players do not search for rights, at least to my mind, but they search for alliances which have some future ;)
  6. jmartini4578

    jmartini4578 Guest

    Actually we are kicking the inactive ones and we are the ones farming them! We have had a few attacks on us, but we are responding. Its so early in the world, do you honestly think there is going to be no inactive players? I said you could have a job because some people who are experienced don't want to be normal members, I get requests to get stuff constantly.
  7. jmartini4578

    jmartini4578 Guest

    Um ya we do.
  8. warrener

    warrener Guest

    got to agree here. no good having rights if you have no future
  9. puthia

    puthia Guest

    Yep. Besides, I would prefer, if I was a leader to check out who really has the ability, the strategic mind and the experience so that to take more rights.
  10. prendraga

    prendraga Guest

    If theres candy can i join :)

    If in responding you mean jumping from 127Abp too 129Abp over the last couple days, i take it the enemy is on its knees as we speak begging for mercy...
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  11. jmartini4578

    jmartini4578 Guest

    Just send messageif you truly want invite.
  12. puthia

    puthia Guest

    You say that you want members from o34, o54 and o35.
    Don't you think that your alliance won't be able to support its members since they are far from each other?
    I believe you should find a core ocean at the beginning, and then expand...
  13. eye eater

    eye eater Guest

    Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world."
    -Albert Einstein-

    If you had imagination you would not use some one elses words

    I am going to join this allaince and give you noobs a lesson ... for free