The Gods of Mount Olympus send you greetings of welcome


Greetings and salutations to you all novice and experienced player alike :cool:

I am Lord Legin the General in chief of the Gods of Mount Olympus and on behalf of the Gods I bring you their tidings of respect and exaltation.

We are on a recruitment drive and are looking for active players of all skill levels to join one of the fastest growing and friendliest alliances in Grepolis.

And so if you active and have 500 points (although if you have 250 and above and your very keen and can be on daily then drop us a line also) or more and want to join a great alliance that's going places. Then I would like to offer you a place in our alliance which I think will be to both our benefits? As there is safety in large numbers in this game and we number some 49 members and growing all the time.

To give you some figures at the time of writing this (23-03-11), The Gods of Mount Olympus currently rank 61 overall, have 49 members, averaging 1142 points each with a total of 55,945 points and have 611 battle points and rank 268 overall in Battle points and 2nd highest and strongest alliance in our ocean 42. And all this has happened in 4weeks !!!! :pro:

I look forward to hearing from you in due course and also welcoming you amongst our ranks. Contact myself Lord Legin or Zeus of Mount Olympus for an invite or for more details ;)

May the sun never set on our alliance.:cool:

Live long and prosper LL :pro: