The great war thread


Or i just have a weird bio clock. but yeah cant pull them before they land right :)


That's because you pulled yours just before the PL attacks landed - but of course you didn't know they were attacking. If you had reason to believe our player was being "internalized" then why would you send and then immediately pull again? Great timing by the way - you just missed the attacks landing ;)
This is a great attempt to try and grasp at what... air?

The city if you check your records DOES belong to PL. Has this been addressed with PL? Yes personally it was. So now what?

Have you spotted paisley unicorns on the horizon? No no wait there they are... Flying pigs!

This is truly pathetic.... just wow.

Just so we are not just clear but crystal clear.

-We had it in revolt.
-We were under the impression that he was being internalized. At which point we did not have any inkling the status of the player so we took the chance to block you all and try to land our CS ourselves.
-As soon as we got word PL was also going for the city all support was withdrawn.
-Messages and an apology was sent to PL, in which they understood and accepted.

SO again I ask SKI now what?


Well since you ask Enas I thought it might be another attempt to do this to one of Juggernauts so called allies (which we were at the time).

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Weak manipulation skiboot.

Next time try harder :rolleyes:
I wonder why I even bother to write this here. But just for the sake of reason Lilithka, how could you think skiboot is manipulating? I know Juggs told you that they sent support to that asgarrd city in order to prevent some made up internalization SI was doing on asgarrd. Now, there are two situations when an internalization might occur:

1. When a player is inactive and its alliance is trying to cap his cities. I am pretty sure both you and Juggs know asgarrd was not inactive and in fact he was actively defending against PL attacks on his cities. Also, the following grepointel link will clearly show he was active on the 22nd of January, and also on the days before and after.

2. When an alliance is trying to prevent an enemy takeover by conquering the attacked city itself, before the enemy has the chance to do it (the so called "roundabout" technique). But in this case the owner of the city is actively taking part in the roundabout, hence not at all inactive. If an enemy is sending support to a city to prevent the roundabout, then he has to be very naive because the owner of the city can and will send back any unwanted support that could block the roundabout. We both know very well that Juggs are not naive, but quite skillful players so they would have never send support to prevent a roundabout. Why did they send the support then? Is not for me to answer this question, but most certainly the support couldn't have been sent to prevent any kind of internalization.
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Actually we had very good intel which said asgarrd is trying to get rid of his cities in enemy territory.
So yea, the birs were there to prevent Any kind of take over, internal or roundabout.

You can try to say whatever you can, it just shows how desperate you guys are right now lol.
First you guys gang up on us, then when Poles decide to help us and lay waste to your alliance, now you figure the only way to survive is to put a division between our alliances.

Nice try, but unfortunately your crediblity is kinda hard to see :p


I would read my last post if I were you AA before you start talking about credibility. Your lack of it directly caused the falling out which resulted in the war.

And far from being desperate - we just feel everyone who gets into bed with you should know exactly what they're in for.


City belongs to one of my players now.
It means that we take it anyway, so I don't know why we need to disscus about this :heh:

I don't know why I posted here something. I prefer to simulate that I don't speak any English. :p


Yeah, so you are claiming you were that naive to send biremes to an active player in order to prevent him from giving his cities to some of his alliance members. Spare me! I suspect you for being many things Arjaa. That naive is not one of them though.
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Hmmm i guess i failed to listen to my own quote which is on my in game profile.. *tries harder next time*

"Never explain, your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway."
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Yeah, so you are claiming you were that naive to send biremes to an active player in order to prevent him from giving his cities to some of his alliance members. Spare me! I suspect you for being many things Arjaa. That naive is not one of them though.
Just get to the point and admit it, you guys are scared of poles and want to create a divide lol. :p


You do what you don't like xD
Golden Evolution
Criminally Insane
The Brotherhood
These alliances from which you have taken cities are waaaaaaayyyyyy smaller that Juggernaut. You are preaching morality in underwear here.
At least speaking from CI's point of view, we were never happy with out territory from the beginning of the server due to the placement bug and when the chance to easily relocate and have all of our cities consumed at designated intervals arrived we jumped on it. And at the time I believe we were not much smaller than Juggs as the server was so young and we regularly help a spot in the top 5 for abp average per player and point average per player.


Just get to the point and admit it, you guys are scared of poles and want to create a divide lol. :p
Hmm... why would we be scared? This is a game and fight makes it very entertaining. Fight with honorable enemies as PL makes it even more entertaining. And though we are not scared of PL, I really like the way you worded your post. Cause this means you realize PL is so much better than your own alliance. And indeed, PL has great attacking skills and unrivaled determination it seems. My hat goes off to him. They are really the ones doing the hard fight while your alliance is only taking advantage going for the easier targets. But maybe this is the deal you have with them: they are fighting your battles while you are focusing on winning the world (hmm... we'll see about this). And Lilithka, that's exactly why I was wondering in a previous post if there is any use for me to post anything about this issue here. I pretty much knew you will stick with Juggs no matter what. I can respect this as is your alliance choice but I am still absolutely miffed about it.
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Well you guys are running to the forums and trying to create a divide between Poles and us, ofcourse you are scared. 1 player ghosted 3-4 went into VM.

Your 2 alliances lost almost 40 cities in 1 day.. that was when we didn't have the element of surprise.
You guys ran back to grim with your tail between your legs to get them to support you after you gave them a finger with the whole slacker issue.

Yea you are scared, and I have no qualm admitting Poles are the best attacking alliance out there.. Easily. Their stats prove it itself :)
Don't worry Robbyn, there's more to come.


Well to bring the topic back to life, I will add some info here.

Current Wars in this world war: (Only top 15 alliances counted, only counting direct wars, not support)
Rank 1 is worth 15pts and rank 15 is worth 1pts.

1) Juggernaut
Juggs are at war with: SI + Grim + Cerberus + Grimlins + White Eagle
Rank 1 vs Rank 2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10 (Haha the even numbers)
15 vs 50

Juggs are allied with: PL + PL II + Rogue + PLIII
Rank 1 with Rank 3 + 9 + 11 + 15

15 + 26

Total = 41 vs 50

2) Space Invaders
SI is at war with: Juggs + PL + 2F2H + PLII + Rogue + CI + PLIII
Rank 2 vs Rank 1+3+7+9+11+14+15

14 vs 52

SI is allied with: Grim + Cerb + Grimlins + WE
Rank 2 with Rank 4+6+8+10

14 + 36

Total = 50 vs 52

3) Polish Legion
PL are at war with: SI + Cerberus
Rank 3 vs Rank 2 + 6

13 vs 24

PL are allied with: Juggs + PL II + Rogue + PLIII
Rank 3 with Rank 1 + 9 + 11 + 15

13 + 27

Total = 40 vs 24

4) Grim
Grim is at war with: Juggs + 2F2H + Rogue
Rank 4 vs Rank 1+7+11

11 vs 29

Grim is allied with: SI + Cerb + Grimlins
Rank 4 with Rank 2+6+8

11 + 32

Total = 43 vs 29

5) Zombie Elite Pirates:
ZEP is at war with: LBN
Rank 5 vs Rank 11

10 vs 4

ZEP is allied with none
Rank 5

10 + 0

Total = 10 vs 4

6) Cerberus-> See SI

7) 2 Freaky 2 Handle
2F2H are at war with: SI + Grim + Cerberus + Grimlins
Rank 7 vs Rank 2 + 4 + 6 + 8
9 vs 44

2F2H are allied with: None
Rank 7

9 + 0

Total = 9 vs 44

8) Grimlins-> See Grim

9) PLII -> See PL

10) White Eagle
WE is at war with: Juggs + Rogue
Rank 10 vs Rank 1 + 11

6 vs 20

WE is allied with: SI + Cerb + Grim + Grimlins
Rank 10 with Rank 2 +4+6+8

6 + 44

Total = 50 vs 20

11) Rogue -> See Juggs

12) the Vanguard:
I am unaware of their interactions atm.

13) Picnic Bunny:
No top 15 interactions

14) Criminally Insane
CI are at war with: SI +Cerberus
Rank 14 vs Rank 2 + 6
2 vs 24

CI are allied with: None
Rank 14

2 +0

Total = 2 vs 24

15) PLIII -> See PL

Sorry for any mistakes.. this was a big task.

We can see from here that Alliances CI+2F2H have got the worse odds, but because SI's attention is focussed primarily on Juggs, they r doing okay.

Alliances PL, WE and Grim have got the most favorable odds with them atm.
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