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Alexander the Victorious

tgar 2.pngMy alliance, The Greens and Royals, is for experienced players of Zakros who are willing for power. Our main destiny is to make it into the top fifty alliance and stay there and take over the whole of Ocean 44 and 54.

Bodyguards(2)-------Leader/Founder(1) -------Personal Advisor(1)

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Key: - seperates jobs of a higher rank
, seperates jobs of the same rank

Tier 1: Chief of Intelligence(1)(Pesonal Advisor(1))-Extraction Spy(10), SD Spy(7), Data Collector(1)(Data Spies(6))

Tier 2: Commander(1)(Bodyguard(2))-Flanker(1),Soldiers(Unlimited),Supporters(20-30)-Recruit(N/A)

Tier 3: Forum Moderator(5)

Tier 4: Head of Diplomacy(1)-Enemy Negotiator(2)(EN Assistant(2)),Banker(3), Pact Dealer(2), GrepStats Researcher(5)


-600 points on your city
-75 BP
-Active everyday-Ocean 44 or 54
Contact cougar2001 or kinghopper2012 if you want to join-remember to include your details!


-We don't offend anyone in our alliance
-If anyone leaves, we all attack them and conquer them if some of us have the ability
-We support someone with half of our units if they are under attack (more if necessary)

-Any alliances that want to become allies with us need at least 2000 points
-Altogether, your alliance needs 750 BP
Contact cougar2001 if you want to become allies with our alliance


If you do not meet the requirements, you can join Zakros Academy of Warfare (our academy) until you do.
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How can you have 75 bp when beginers protection isn't up yet?

Alexander the Victorious

i am waiting until begginers protection is up. at first, i will start reruiting anybody, even if they dont meet the requirements, then i will start inviting people who meet the criteria. Also, Zakros Academy of Warfare is still under construction and negotiation, it will be ready for members in about a week.


Why the hell do you seriously need an academy/sister alliance when the alliance cap is 200? I don't even think that I would have an alliance of 70 members if I could get them.

Alexander the Victorious

Suppose so. i might cancel the idea. thinking about, i dont want an academy.


Don't let me dissuade you, if you want to do that then go ahead it's your choice. However I warn you, if It works out I would keep off the forums ;)

Alexander the Victorious

ok. ill just see if my alliance members want it to happen.

Alexander the Victorious

Tgar Group

Join the Tgar group and we can take over Zakros!
Please join our forum group. If you like the atmosphere
of the group, you can join our in-game allince. Have fun!