The Hall of The Fallen


Post Alliances and players who ghosted/quit/got rimmed/lost ....

List of the Significant alliances who fell in dignity or in shame ...

- Unwritten Symphony
- No Brakes
- Insomnia/Wake Up Call

- Fear
- Slyce
- The Musketeers
- Enigma
- Blood Hounds

List of Significant players who fell in dignity or in shame ...

- Westmel
- Alexander321
- VatKa
- Skhooter
- TromboneTom

- Aethilla
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Alex is coming back in a month I think, he's busy in RL atm and trombonetom left because he was busy in another world he gave his cities to friends


I like idea of adding list of them who caused the failure of those alliance, but not sure if they should be called Heroes.

Also I guess there should be separated list of alliances who fell down with so call "Dignity" and "Shame". Making them into one list may cause misunderstanding for them who aren't acknowledged in the situation.

Also making list of significant players is useless imo. There must be considered tons of things to make this list and plus if someone leaves because of RL problems can be entered in shame list without having even a doubt. So that list is imo useless.

If I'm wrong please tell me by what criteria you determine significance of this or that player?