The happy Spartans -O57


some people may of asked you, then posted in the forum for a invite to be sent. other people said no we want to farming

bang you're getting attacked without an invite



I don't think they liked having a woman play along side them, at least they guy in the city right next to mine didn't after I ignored him. He kept asking me where I lived, I wasn't about to give out that information.

Since I refused him yesterday I've been attacked about 6 times in a matter of hours by that alliance.


Theta had a very successful spartan alliance. It was and still is top 10 in points (and this is at the point where top 10 means something) and rank 4 in ABP. And funny enough it also started off in O57. Although Spartan alliances are generally considered noobish it is not always the case. But then it changed it's name.
Wondering humm I know some alliances in kappa that are in top 5 and are MRA so yea the name still is yeah Spartans not original