Newspaper The 'Heraklion Times'!!


Welcome to the Heraklion Times - the fabulous newspaper of Heraklion!! We will keep you updated with all the latest news and happenings in this new world, along with interviews and special competitions!! We will have great debates about what's happened in this world and how everything will work out!!

A new issue will be posted every 1 - 2 weeks, but will include all the gossip of this world. We will hopefully have talks with the leader of great alliances, and get the inside know on what's happening!! We are looking for people to help run the news paper, so if you want to have apart in the news crew, then post below or message me!! We will only have 5 people max in the news crew, and will create a forum group name Heraklion Times. See you in the next issue!!


i think spyder has dibs on this but will be interesting to have two competitors, lol


Preview Issue - By Xenoatour

Welcome to the Preview issue of Heraklion times, the fabulous, up to date newspaper!! In this issue we have:
1.) An interview with Sincho2000, a player of the game that will be joining this world!!
2.) A special competition!
3.) What will happen at the end of BP?
Check back next issue (released on 7th February) to get al the latest news and gossip!!

1.) Interview with Sincho2000
Hello Sincho2000. Will you be joining this world?
Of course I will. I am hoping to make a big alliance that will be in the top 3 (Hopefully!!).
Will anybody you know be joining this world? Who are they?
I have 4 friend that will be joining this world. They are called: Vortex32, smivvy2001, Crusader55 and colinder bob!!
What is you plan for this world?
My plan for this world is to concentrate on getting those points up high. It will get me a good reputation and will make me stronger!!
What worlds do you play on?
I currently play on Tau, Upsilon, Rho and many more?
What experience have you had.
I led a big alliance on Rho (220,000 points) and had 20,000 points in 4 cities. I was good and had a fully built city!!
Thank you for answering these questions. Good luck on the new world!!
Thank you!!

2.) Competition
In this special issue, we have a super competition!! All you have to do to enter is:
1.) Answer the question correctly
2.) Post the answer below
3.) I will choose a name randomly
4.) I will message that person and will get their in-game name
5.) I will give them 5000 of each resource!!
The question is -
What is the name of this new world?
Is it:
A - Heraklion
B - Herlion
C - Heralionk
Just post below you answer!!

3.) What will happen at the end of BP?
What do you think will happen at the end of Beginners Protection? It's usual to attack everyone, but what will happen after that? Will people carry on attacking? Will everyone stop and give each other resources? Post below what you think will happen!!

Fun & Games
Here is where we have all the fun and games. No need to post when you have finished them though!!
Word search!!

Can you find?
- Grepolis
- Times
- Forum
- Edit

Well, that's alll for this issue. Come back on 7th of February to find out more!!

PS - The competition will end on 7th February!
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i think spyder has dibs on this but will be interesting to have two competitors, lol
nothing wrong with 2 newspapers in a world ;), if one flops theres still the other as a back up, and also you get double the news. If they both did it every 2 weeks then maybe they could even alternate so theres a newspaper every week


With a preview edition like that, im glad im not joining this world ^^


Honestly, its not bad. Seeing as nobody else has done it, the answer to the question is A. Yeah, free resources!


lol, you spelled GREPILIS in your word search :)

Good luck with your newspaper!


The comp will end on 7th Feb. You willget your resources when I have enough and have a marketplace!


A, which of course I worked out myself, and didn't look at the other posts...