Newspaper The -Hitman** review of pandosia


Created: June 30th, 2014

The people went CRAZY thanking the little lord baby Jesus!!! Finally a world people could get behind... The popcorn was made the gold brought and the pre made's arrange (doom to fail)

Quote :This is better then when i won £3.27 on the lotto - Some guy i made up.

So where do i start this post... i'll jump a few days in and get on the first DECENT top 12.... This is a little way in as did not want to bore with the quick deaths.

The top 12 alliances of Pandosia is a list of the top 12 alliances that are currently in Pandosia, kind of like a Sink or Swim but you can give opinions about those alliances without saying sink or swim.

Top 12 Alliances of Pandosia

Rank | Name | Points | Players | Average points

1 The Buccaneers 384471 79 4867
Surprised to see them still standing at the 1 spot, seeing how spread out they are. An alliance with experienced players and good structure. Not good location though.

2 Wrecking Crew 383381 72 5325
Another top alliance, good srructure, good locstion, good leadership and great players. It would be all for nothing though if they can't fight.

3 Bones and Skulls 374764 79 4744
Is it a bird, is it a plane, oh no no no... it's the biggest MRA on the server. Having what, 4 academy alliances following them, surprised to see alliances even want to be apart of their family.

4 Phoenix Rising 337295 75 4497
Top alliance of o54 and they seem to have a good relationship with most of these top alliances. A good alliance.

5 Impact 320111 53 6040
A very experienced alliance that has had the highest average points since the beginning. A very cocky alliance though with what I would say poor leadership. Although they can fight so they won't be going down anytime soon in a war.

6 Legion 278090 73 3809
A pretty average alliance, not so good when it comes to attacking though.

7 The Empire 254196 76 3345
An average alliance that seems to have a good foothold on o45 although they have a few stragglers but so far a good alliance, although they are falling in the rankings.

8 Supernatural East 250842 76 3301
Same as before, could be a really good alliance if they dropped all their academies, which they do have a lot of and changed their name to something better than, that.

9 The Saints 246224 79 3117
An average alliance, not too many stars in their alliance and a huge borderline drawn between their o54 core island and their o45 core island.

10 The Last Mohicans 217693 78 2791
I don't really know who they are.

11 Chameleon 214402 79 2714
Same with this one.

12 The Dogs of War 211576 54 3918
I'd say they're the Impact of the 6-12 alliances.

To compare i have then jumped Ahead a few months

Top 12 Alliances of Pandosia

Rank | Name | Points | Players | Average points

1 The Buccaneers 1817893 78 23306 ~ #1 Alliance of Pandosia, this spot doesnt just go to anybody, they are an aggressive alliance, they own o45 but some, and myself would say that they are spread out.

2 Repossession Agents 1671182 60 27853 ~ For the #2 alliance in Pandosia, they sure do look #1 worthy. They are the Darkhorse Alliance of Pandosia, highest Average Points but from all their disbanding and recent splitting their ABP is only at #5.

3 Slap 1424477 77 18500 ~ A strong alliance located mainly in o55, very aggressive and has been expanding a lot in these past days. They cooperate and work well together. Although from their success I see bad things in their future. Prediction : Top players splitting

4 Bones and Skulls 1300977 78 16679 ~ Still an MRA from the very beginning and at war with a lot of alliances from their cocky attitude from the start. That will be the death of them but Im still a little surprised to even see them still in the Top 5.

5 Legion 1173438 69 17006 ~ A lot of alliances underestimate them.. Honestly, dont let the name fol you, they have good strong core, strong players and can obviously ight since they are #3 in ABP.

6 Rise Again 1089838 68 16027 ~ Hmm .. I got to say, I cannot get a read on them, at first, they were the remains of what was left of Wrecking Balls and a few other alliances who had disbanded and or split. Now they seem to be an entire new alliance. But being a new alliance doesnt make them a good alliance, they may have the points but they are not an aggressive alliance. Ive seen the attack reports, looking at their ABP, trailing at #16, it shows.

7 The Hammer 924734 80 11559 ~ Changing their name isnt going to change the fact that they are just another alliance. Their ABP is #7 so I guess thats good for their rank . They are located on the borderline of o54 and o53, spread out all around with a few core islands. Prediction : They wont last very long, estimate, 1 month 1/2

8 The Last Mohicans 850391 75 11339 ~ I think a few people forgot about them once they fell down the rankings into the last 6 where I believe they belong. Although they arent the most dominant alliance on the rankings, they have one of the strongest cores in Pandosia, almost impossible to get through and looks very tempting

9 Beast Mode 839717 73 11503 ~ An average alliance in my opinion, they have a good core but looking at their rankings in in points, ABP and DBP. They are just average.

10 Vodka Stealers 836596 76 11008 ~ They own o64 but I wouldnt say they are exactly the the world winners or even the world racers.

11 *KILLER CLOWNS* 659101 78 8450 ~ Youve got to be kidding me ... I honestly think they dont belong here, they recruited there way into the Top 12, they barely made the cut for being in the Top 20 of ABP. They're the "Class Clown" of the Top 12.

12 The Saints 642499 70 9179 ~ Im tired of seeing them here. Look at the previous one for them, almost nothing changes about them.​

The a few more months...

1 The Buccaneers 2125283 78 27247 ~ What do we have here. Oh yeah, the top alliance of Pandosia. You know, at this stage of the game, the top alliance is either a very lucky MRA or an alliance thats no joke. Im going with #2. These guys have already won 2 wars and maybe even more, have sent multiple alliances into extinction and .. have even managed to catch my eye. They are definitely in the right spot for the rankings.

2 Repossession Agents 1993213 63 31638 ~ The Dark Horse alliance of Pandosia, low members, all of which have high points making there averge seem impossible to catch up with. They are aggressive attackers and make up a pretty good team but I think if they recruited a bit more instead of worrying about what others think about their size, they would be at the #1 spot.

3 Legion 1737397 80 21717 ~ Im a little shcoked to still see them here, although they arent an MRA nore are they the dark horse alliance, they still managed to keep up with all of these other alliances although I think recruiting has a lot to do with it and the fact that most of the players that were lone wolves or had there alliances disbanded were conquered by these guys giving them a big boost. Example : Phoenix Rising.

4 Slap 1722464 76 22664 ~ They are aggressive, they are working well together so to speak. I do still think that the top players will separate and make their own alliance, I mainly see them carrying the team instead of the alliance itself. They are still an aggressive alliance but they did drop from #2 to #4.

5 Bones and Skulls 1426996 80 17837 ~ Not sure what they are up to, Im sure theyve heard it all, at the beginning there was 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 and now theres 1. Im assuming they absorbed those other alliances like the Kronos did to the gods. They are still an MRA and Im positive that they will be taken out sooner or later since I know Slap is at war with them. Or has it stopped ?

6 The Saints 1258695 77 16347 ~ A little disappointed, it seems the only time they arent at the #12 spot is when they massively recruit, like earlier this week, the alliance Rise Again I assume disbanded or merged and The Saints picked them up. All of them up. Its like super-man doing community service. Not only did they pick them all up but now they are more spread out then they were before. Now they are located in o44, o54, and o45.

7 The Hammer 1111826 80 13898 ~ Not going to lie, they do have a good core but they are very spread out, looks like they also recruited a few Rise Again members in o54. Their ABP isnt looking good either. What more can I say besides they are an obvious choice of the WW winners. If I was drugged, and hallucinating out of my mind.

8 Vodka Stealers 1055745 75 14077 ~ Not much to say about them, they are your average alliance although they do have a few good members making their average higher than the alliance around them. They are spread out as well.

9 The Last Mohicans 1016048 74 13730 ~ Wow, I think their highhest rank was #5 or #6 if I am right, now they are falling down the ranks very swiftly and even let Vodka Stealers pass them. I still see some light in them since they have a pretty strong core and a tight knit group of active members in that core. I dont see them staying in the Top 12 much longer though.

10 Beast Mode 942292 72 13087 ~ Yawn, another average alliance in my opinion.

11 *KILLER CLOWNS* 756800 77 9829 ~ Theres a reason why they are named clowns, they are the joke of the Top 12. Literally. Just by comparing their average points to these other alliances you can see that plain and clear.

12 Pit Bulls 722600 56 12904 ~ I noticed them a while ago, they have a good average points for there size but at this point of the game most alliances in the Top 12 should have this or more. They are pretty spread out with a huge gap right in between the western front and the eastern front of o54. There not too good at attacking seeing how they havent even reached the Top 20 of Alliance ABP. Basically, all bark no bite.​

Now you seen a few changes along the road.... p.s all these top 12 where brought to you from GoldLemur

Ill jump ahead to the top 12 Come WW Stage.

Top 12 Coming to World Wonder

Hi all thought i would do a top 12 run down towards the end of the world, well the start of world wonder.
Normally i would speak to each alliance and get views of them to add in but tbh im doing this as a whim as a bit bored :D

If you like what you read or even if you dont +1 REP as after all thats what keeps us making posts ect haha.

1. The Repossession Agents
My alliance ... most people dont comment about there own alliance normally and never understand why as you should know all about them.

So i think these are the strongest alliance in the world and with smart recruitment and also smart diplomacy have cept them there, they have some of the best talent on the game and going into WW will be a tough cookie to crack. Only way i see them not making WW and winning is if we have internal issues OR everybody in the world becomes one and hits them.
ABP - 18312106 #1
DBP - 5726758 #4

2. Beast Mode
New formed alliance with alot of very goood players, came about form the TLM split or disolve what ever way you look at it.
They have a very good core and are one of the few alliances i think will give REPO a run for there money. (bit behind on WW planning due to the split/disolve but with the players they have wont take them long to sort something out.

Currently fighting TLM and i think they have the edge there, but will struggle to crack there core. Being on the rim they dont have many threats and are free to build in a way alliances in the core can not. (watch there ABP fly up)
ABP - 1602185 #10
DBP - 917369 #22

3. Debt Collectors
Being the sister alliance to REPO they are in the same boat as above.... only thing added will be they have a few weak players but as they are part of a strong team even they get protected well. Wont go into more details read number 1. its the same for here. (apart from how they have been around alot less.... they got made after pit bulls disolved because of leadership issues)
ABP - 6577957 #5
DBP - 3082952 #9

4. Silver Inferno
Best way to put these is like Rachels Triffel out of FRIENDS.... half amazing the other half awful! Some very very good players carrying alot of very very bad players. no threat to WW honestly can not see them doing anything at all.
Only way these get a wonder is if they team up and the best players join BLACK SHIPS because other wise they dont have a chance. They are number one in DBP and sit on the rim so this should say it all really.
ABP - 7607806 #4
DBP - 9227261 #1

5. Black Ships
These are by far the second best alliance in this world, with smart leadership and a great ethic of the game! these are very much a WW threat and i would say second favourites to win this world... As a alliance on the rim that does not get hit they have all the chance to grow without worry.. (only if Repo and them where closer ohhh this world could have seen a decent fight) shame. There ABP shows they are a real force and they are hurting B&S alot. with a pact/nap with SI they dont have one alliance close enough to scratch them let alone give them a worry.
ABP - 7660534 #3
DBP - 3227533 #8

6. Bones & Skulls
Alliance that so much to give but failed to make the leap.... They where in the core and have done some smart diplomatic work through the game to keep on a good foot but due to changes and internal issues have lost people over time. they now have no chance at WW an tbh they will be lucky to be here at the end. being hit from Finger/Si/BS is not good and some of there players are awful simmers who are cept (in credit to leadership) because of loyalty. They will either join another alliance or die in that one. only a merge will give them any chance at WW. (they also house well known clowns in the greppo world people who hide in a alliance with friends and only help them selfs and dont respect naps/pacts..... this lets them down alot. For a alliance in the core there BP is just not good enough.
ABP - 6559608 #6
DBP - 7029322 #2

7. Raging Horde
Well what do you say about these.... dont know if they are smart or lucky not to be found out sooner.... a allaince with a few good players but alot of part time players who are as smart as a blank of wood with a smiley face :) Sitting on the rim and only moving away from the core and fights they are a nothing alliance. BUT credit where it is due they have done some smart diplomatic work with either Beastmode/Si/BS because they now can uber stack there citys giving them some freedom to actuall hit REPO.... yes !!! one of the worst alliances is actually bringing the fight to the top. its like giving a carebear a gun. No chance of WW but can be a pain to repo for there WW.
ABP - 3739102 #7
DBP - 4087836 #7

8. The Last Mohicans
What to say about these.... they where in the best place for WW and was one of the best allinaces in the world, but they had internal issues (dont want to go into that nutshell) but ending up losing alot of people to Beastmode for reasons.
They are now fighting there old team mates and should be a great fight to watch. Lost a few citys and will lose a few more im sure but there core is solid and to give credit these people can time very well! snipes city they should call them selfs. No chance at WW unless they join somone else but think they will just become a pure fighting alliance... there ABP might not keep going but watch there DBP because i predict there war with beastmode might be the best war in this world (How sad is that)
ABP - 11372420 #2
DBP - 5230556 #5

9. Finger
Warriors / Fighters / Killers ! they dont care about WW so not alot to say about that with them... so ill do a little back story, They are fighting Bones and then i know they have other issues with TLM/Beastmode they are a GREAT group of players who play this game for the fun not the reward. If they wanted they could be one of the best but instead stay small with friends and kill anybody who makes it onto there radar. There only issue is being so small means they did get the bullies round and have been hit from every decent alliance i think. Tip to anybody in the world looking for fun join them they will keep you busy.
ABP - 2733929 #8
DBP - 5789398 #3

10. Silver inferno II
Well they are in the same boat as SI except when the SI top players leave to join a better allaince for a chance of WW they will be left behind. Pathetic group with awful stats why silver never just ate them is beyond me instead of killing them they took in the noobs. Sim city is waiting for you.
ABP - 1615917 #9
DBP - 1799939 #14

11.Redcore horde
A spin of off Raging horde... except they have a couple of good players.... still a nothing alliance who sit in the game till a new world comes i think. no chance of WW again could cause repo issues but for that to happen they would need to build a bit more atk units. they are the 5th teenage muntant ninja turtle.
ABP - 876587 #16
DBP - 1308276 #17

12. Holy Roman Empire
Who ????? are they even on this game ???? honestly i have seen more from a one man alliance then i have these.... WORST alliance in greppo history ? maybe so. you think of any bad alliance well this is them. no fight apart from im guessing quests and as for winning world wonder i think a group of 5 players could join the world now and have a better chance then these. in terms AWFUL alliance. I'm shocked TLM did not deal with these alot sooner.
ABP - 1192119 #11
DBP - 1196057 #20

Hope you enjoyed my read and hope there is lots of people saying how wrong or how i favoured my alliance (when your top your top Sorry not Sorry)

This was all done from my personal oppinion and is not meant to insult anybody as a person ect.

All the best and lets hope one WW is done quick because this is by far one of the worst worlds yet (or lets gets some fights going haha if not during WW WHEN!!!!)

Peace out and love to all :pro:

Special mention to
The Horsemen
Bones & Skull
The Saints
All 4 alliances here from the start to finish.

To Spoil The ending REPO won!!! first to 4 wonders and 7 and this is the first time i have seen a alliance build all 7 un challenged so even though i was in the group i must PRAISE all players for there hard work during this stage...

Time for a bit or world info then form what i know....

Alliances ABP to date.

Alliances DBP to date.

Alliance Fighters to date.

Top players in the world or Pandosia from my view.

- Gloom -
The Big Moose
Ann Hicks

All these players got my respect one way or another from either teamwork or fighting skills.... there was alot more but these needed a special mention from across the world.

War stats...
The Repossession Agents/The Debt Collectors




The Repossession Agents/The Debt Collectors




The Repossession Agents/The Debt Collectors


Silver Inferno/Silver Inferno II


These stats where last done on 2015-01-15 03:22.

Other world war stats Taken from todays date.

Bones and Skulls

74 - 150

There is no other numbers about that is worth posting so that is why there is no others posted.

Just naming some players now and you will know why i have but i can not say as not aloud to be nasty on the external.

Ancient Demon
Little caporal
Tiller77 - This guy made a bet... after sending a MM mail to our alliance during WW to try and cause internal issues.... that is we got our sister alliance a crown he would put in his profile that he was wrong and i was right... ect ect.


Still nothing.....
Dont worry i have sent him a message to see if he plans to carry on with what he said... lets see if he is a man of his word or just another liar bad at the game using all bad tactics because fighting is not his gift.

Either way just thought i would do this little paper / spam thread as it will be my last in the pandosia external.

Doing a pre made for the next Revolt world that comes out.... As long as it is not speed 1!!!

Interested give me a mail.... be warned nobody not known or not recommended from another player wont be in. we plan to be a solo alliance there for one good fight no sisters or pacts ect..

Thanks for the Read


+REP just because trees are green sometimes.



One thing though, Fattsax should definitely be on your top players list. At his prime he was #5 or #6 in ABP whilst being around #80 in points. Had the highest ABP/City ratio by far (apart from Gloom and Shrawanr maybe). Absolute beast of an attacker.

And not sure why Woola's on there unless for reasons other than Stats? BP doesn't seem too high for a player of that size..

Edit: Need to spread reputation before repping you again.


Good stuff, nice read.

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Harry Slother again.


quite surprising how many peps are still active - semi active in here after this world has been won.


Looks like BS's hopes are gone with the loss of their level 10 wonders after a member's defection.