Newspaper The Juktas Post: Mini Issue


Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends!

I'm back for a bit, everybody! My internet and computer have been wonky lately, so I haven't been keeping up much. Today I'm just bringing you a mini issue. Sorry for not being around often!

The Juktas Post
We deal in two things only: Cold Hard Facts and Biased Opinions​


Top 15 Players (Points)

1. genghis6009
2. fn99
3. DennisSt
4. Mobiles
5. mirre00
6. Washington69
7. URMAN71
8. Brackus-We
9. Erradoor
10. Kentman
11. bristo
12. Zoot
13. MentalCase99
14. prowl65
15. villemmm

Top 15 Players (ABP)

1. URMAN71 - 61962
2. Kentman - 45398
3. TyroneBlack - 45277
4. genghis6009 - 39739
5. VanDalgyon - 39001
6. Monnom - 36306
7. Brackus-We - 35190
8. veiks101 - 34942
9. Washington69 - 34677
10. villemmm - 33726
11. prowl65 - 32711
12. bristo - 31866
13. Mobiles - 31457
14. wocoup - 30292
15. edaken - 30122

Top 12 Alliances (Points)

2. The Haze
3. Rise of the Dragon
4. Servi Liberatem
5. Reavers
6. Dragon Force Alliance
7. Black Sun
8. Order of the Dragon
9. Dragon Force Alliance
10. Game Kings East
11. .REBORN.
12. Pericles Front

Top 12 Alliances (ABP)

1. REBORN - 480228
2. The Haze - 323096
3. Rise of the Dragon - 288541
4. .REBORN. - 278937
5. Servi Leberatem - 263881
6. Reavers - 242033
7. Black Sun - 238196
8. Dragon Force Alliance - 203574
9. Forgotten Ghosts - 145890
10. Games Kings - 117012
11. Dragon Force Alliance 3 - 104046
12. Game Kings East - 101430


So, I haven't been around a lot lately, so you get the obvious stuff that you should know unless you've been less active than me!

- Alliances such as Pericles Front and Black Venom have taken up arms against The Haze to keep them out of O54, which has seen increased Haze activity with their expanding players, as well taking in smaller alliances(like mine :rolleyes:).

- I am ashamed to say that, as a reporter, I clearly have no idea what's going on. :heh:

- Looking at the Juktas forum, I'm beginning to doubt anyone will actually be around to read this, but I'm going ahead anyway!

- A plea for people interested in working alongside me will follow the issue!

This has been made on the fly, so no interviews this time.

Omega's Corner
Okay, time for a short story and a question.

So my computer stops trying to kill me long enough that I get on Juktas for the first time in a few days. Once I've logged on, I notice that one I've my cities is being attacked by a whole bunch of Pericles Front players. The obvious CS attack on its way, I desperately pull together my remaining forces and then do that most desperate move of hitting the attack with Sea Storm. To my surprise, I managed to sink the CS, ending the attacks so far. Definitely the luckiest I've ever been. So tell me, readers, what have been your luckiest Grepo moments?

And that's all tonight! Now, I'd like to extend a request to whoever is left in the Juktas forum to help me bring this place back to life! Any help with The Juktas Post, like interviewers, or even people to put the issues out when I'm not around, would be greatly appreciated! Please talk to me for more details! For those not interested in the glorious business that is the news, you can still help out by posting thoughtful and on topic comments and replies on the rest of the Juktas forum's threads! Thanks for your help!

See ya next time time!

~Omega Strife
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wow, this is unexpected.

being 2nd in total BP, all my moments so far have been pure luck)


Having a newspaper for this world is almost a disgrace now. The name of this world should be changed to "Bot Central"


nice issue ;D. Juktas is slow. Why no report on war front of Reavers against ROtd and the quiet BS? =)