Newspaper The Katane Observer Issue I


how great is it to see all the same names commenting.....sad sad sad baby....

The rawr

Good interviews with the alliances ;)
May be next time, Individual top 5-10 player's interview will come.. :)

Revealing the noobness of few allliances too, will help choosing the next targets for few alliances. may be when BP ends.



the founder of lords warriors lord paxo is an enormous turtle. Actually the other active lords warrior on my island is an enormous turtle as well. You know your alliance is destined to fail when even your founder is a turtle.


I'm curious as to why you combined Gods of War and Gods of the Underworld into one interview? Gods of the Underworld is a separate alliance...


enjoyed reading the interviews, especially Diamond Blues as i think i know which alliance he/she was talking about all on the same islands ;)haha (I'm sure they will be a topic of discussion a few issues down the line).
a solid first issue I'll take number 24 please