The Kelendris Times Issue I


The Kelendris Times Issue I
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Errors Amended - GREEN

Spartan Alliance/The Agoge - YELLOW


Peace and Love - PINK

The Potato Collective - ORANGE

Order66 - GREY

Pandemonium - LIGHT BLUE


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first issue of the Kelendris Times! We are your co-editors, @Insanityforever and @IonGrey0. From maps to minigames, detailed rankings to disgraceful rumors, this issue has it all, including a bombshell revelation from the Interview section. We hope everyone enjoys reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed making it. Please comment your thoughts and suggestions below, we will use in future issues of the Kelendris Times. See you next time!

@Insanityforever and @IonGrey0
Co-Editors of the Kelendris Times


I. Rankings
II. Interviews
III. Rumor Mill
IV. Minigame


Note: Rankings were taken at approximately 00:00:00 on 19/01/2020.

1. VICTRIX - 1,135,382
2. Spartan Alliance - 632,798
3. Errors Amended - 629,994
4. Written in Blood - 607,660
5. Peace and Love - 567,664

1. VICTRIX - 384,143
2. Errors Amended - 203,681
3. Virtus - 203,642
4. Written in Blood - 200,678
5. The Elite - 200,439

1. VICTRIX - 346,494
2. Virtus - 194,640
3. Errors Amended - 177,866
4. Written in Blood - 174,739
5. The Potato Collective - 157,063

1. Hypertension - 58,965
2. The Elite - 55,779
3. Order66 - 46,429
4. United Allegiance East - 39,153
5. VICTRIX - 37,649


First, @Insanityforever conducted a sparkling interview with @Hyperadox, @1saaa, and @LadyC who are a part of leadership in The Potato Collective (TPC).

I: what inspired TPC to pick the grand name of the potato collective ? Is it because you guys are all potato heads ?

H: oh man, I think @LadyC knows this story the best. I remember when we joined Eretria, our previous name 'Hell Hounds' had been taken in that world. We had to come up with something pretty quick. There was a joke (And these details are muggy. Again, LadyC would know it better) that we should call it "The Hyper collective" (We used my first name, but for public sake that'll do) kind of like the borg. Then @DozerZigashi who has a strange obsession with potatos suggested "The Potato Collective". It just kind of stuck for lack of a better name suggestion xD

1s: #blameDozerZigashi. Well Kinda. Basically the council chat was renamed the Hyper collective. But, LadyC didn't like that so it was renamed the potato collective. After that the name stuck. Dozer's insane obsession with potatoes was great for helping this cause wink

L: The council was going through a bit of a potato stage, very much driven by Dozer, but we all had appropriate appreciation for potatoes. Vlad was gone at that point, for a very long time. And Hyper had stepped up to take the reigns. Possibly the power went to his head (not really, we were just joking around) and renamed the council “The Hyper Collective” in Discord, because resistance is futile (Borg, Star Trek reference). It lasted about a week and I rebelled a bit and renamed it The Potato Collective. And it stayed like that, I think? So when we dropped in Erethria and needed to come up with a new name fast seeing as there was already a Hell Hounds, we chose The Potato Collective

I: in a grepolis world that has become a hugging game how does TPC view hugging ? What is TPC style ?

H: I'm not sure that we've been around long enough to settle into what you might call a 'style'. We have our roots in Pharae where we were definitely VERY defensive. Ultimately that was because the only enemy we had within range was 'Hug This', which had more points in a single alliance than all the others combined. I wish I was joking or exaggerating there. We're hoping to shift to a more offensive playstyle this server, and I feel we've been doing well so far.
As far as the view on hugging, we do our best to avoid it.

I: Where do you see yourselves in 3 months and how would TPC fair in a war with Vic ?

L: It’s too early in the game to give an accurate answer on that. We haven’t had enough skirmishes with them yet. It’s also dependent on how the rest of the world unfolds and what diplomacies and animosities develop between alliances.
We are here to play the game. And the aim of the game is to win. (With some fun and laughter thrown in, in our case). It will be a hard fight, but I wouldn’t say beating anyone, including Victrix, is out of our reach. We’ve got a good, well balance team and look forward to all the action to come.

Our next interview was conducted by yours truly with Noobhasarrived one of the leaders of the top-10 alliance Order66.

I: For those who are not familiar with the Star Wars franchise, Order66 must sound like a strange name to pick. Could you please explain the origin of that name and what is its meaning in relation to Grepolis and this world?

N: Well i didn't pick the name that was down to Kuja882018, I joined a alliance in a different world (cant remember the name) and they was setting up a pre made for kelendris, so i joined when the world started, been here since.

I: This next topic is not easy to discuss, and I don't want to offend anyone with this question. A few days ago, the Order66 alliance disband and then reform under a different name (Dread Force - ed), which eventually got changed back to Order66. Internal matters are obviously a private affair, but what can you tell us about what happened?

N: We had someone from VICTRIX come into our alliance when the world started and he gained our trust to become leader, he then preceded to delete all forum posts but the leaders hidden post and then passing the blame onto someone else knowing full well it was himself. After we fixed it rather quickly he then proceded to kick everyone he could out of the alliance and changing the Alliance page to VICTRIX will win, all hale VICTRIX the whole 9. He then proceded to take it further by messaging people with very abusive and childish things, then reset his account. But this did not stop us, we rebuilt and re invited people and remade Order66 into the alliance it is today.

I: Not only have you regained all your former members, you've grown to include a third sister. Speaking of which, it's not so common to see three sisters in a single alliance. Critics may say, with such a large membership it will be hard to organize. What will you say to those ignorant haters?

N: It's hard at the moment till we get fully set up then im sure we can all work towards one common goal.

Thank you for participating in the interview and wish you the best of luck!

N: Good luck to you too and have fun!

NOTE: At press time, the Kelendris Times was unable to verify or refute the events specified in this interview. What is for sure is that there will be no love lost between the resurgent
Order66 and the dominant (for now) VICTRIX.



RUMOR #1: A player from Written in Blood VM'ed to prevent another alliance from taking his city.
RUMOR #2: Written in Blood and BLOOD HELLRAISERS want to hug VICTRIX and change their name to BLOODY COWARDS.


Guess the name of this Grepolis Hero using the following clue. The first person to answer correctly will win a prize that is related to the hero's ability! (there may be more than one correct answer - ed)

One of the letters in my name is not found in the name of every other Grepolis hero.


Nice paper. Well Done! Some revelation in there!

As for the hero. Hmmm..., Ajax? Haven’t checked about that x in other’s names.


Loved the newspaper and look forward to the next. My guess for the hero is Zuretha.