The Kingdom of Elesius' Histories


OMG this thread is fricking awesome !!! I challenge anyone in grepoforum land to find a better thread for "I have not seen"

Long live the king


This is seriously messed up. I've seen a lot but never this far as to 2 human beings talking like they're from the medieval era. It's wierd.

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Archon of Corinth

Greetings your majesty King Dictino of Espulaikos. You have produced the best thread in Grepolis that I have seen in a long time. Welcome to Grepolis. :)


So I step away from this thread for a day an fealty is being sworn...... So I will lead the resistance against this king any joiners.


Advice and warnings before to attack:

"By the laws the traitor will be killed if he attack first, the traitor only may be forgiven by Hera, the piousess, the godess from family, the King has made the family with Hera favor, but some traitors don't let advance the great divine design, his daddy; Zeus is now the ruler, that he's very serious in the topic, all traitors must die if they attack first..!

"Glory at Hera, glory at Zeus and glory at Dictino the semi-god"


Dear warriors and alliances:
I've returned in my all glory re-building my empire by the gods.
The traitors will die and the friends will live.

Good nights wishes your favorite King of Elesius.