The Kingdom of Greece

Manuel II


We are The Kingdom of Greece, a new alliance in Upsilon that was founded in the hope of creating a United Kingdom of city-states that will stand the test of time.

Recruitment is open and anyone who is anyone can join the Kingdom. There is no point minimum at the moment but if you are interested in joining you must adhere to the following protocols:

You must be EXTREMELY ACTIVE; Logging in to Grepolis almost everyday
You must not be a refugee
We are located in Ocean 43 but you may still join the Kingdom no matter what ocean you reside in

For information regarding recruitment, diplomacy, or other issues please contact: Manuel II

E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) -​
The Kingdom of Greece takes this statement to heart as citizens, soldiers, and rulers alike work tirelessly to unite as many city-states as possible under one flag. We are the ones who possess a sense of honor and zeal which was burned into our hearts from countless conflicts that resulted in bloodshed and carnage. Many a time have the fortunes of war been against us, but regardless of how overwhelming the odds are we have always stood our ground and fought. We fought for our friends, for our families and our children, we fought for our values and beliefs which hold us together in the darkest of times. But most of all, we fought for our Kingdom, for the survival of the monarchy, and for a better future. With all of this behind us we fight as one as we burn a path to glory across the many seas, in our quest to achieve total domination and unification. We will join together all who we can, through conversion or through warfare as we strive to create a greater presence in Upsilon, a United Kingdom of Greece.

God Save The King
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