The Knights Templar

luke connell

Hi guys I have abandoned my old attepmts at the knights who say ni and have decided that a new name is needed so I thought that The Knights Templar is a good name we can change it it's not permanent yet :)


Preferable if you have experience but happy to train newer players awell. ;)

Please provide a link to your grepo stats if you have previous experience if your new do not worry about this.

I will expect not extreme growth but at least some and activity is essential especially in the starting parts of the alliance.

We will be based in the North-West:cool:

We may ask for pacts during beginner protection as it's good to have some allies when you come out of it:p

My Leadership team will be as follows:

Chief Recruiter
Chief Diplomat
Chief Forum mod.

I think this is reasonable this alliance is a democracy so everyone's opinions count :)
If you would like to join post or PM me in game in either Rho or Phi please

PS you don't have to be aggressive from the start I am not aggressive at the start although when you hit 1.2-2k points that's when I expect people to either already be farming or start farming weaker players.

All members of The Protectorate, Horde Of Protectorate, Swarm of Protectorate all joining
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King Arcadius

I dearly hope you have no connections with the Knight Templar that used to be on Upsilon.

They actually were a highly ranked alliance until my alliance ,The Attican Warriors, showed up, and made them disband within a few weeks :D


How many alliances have you attempted to found so far in your Grepo life?

luke connell

a few and 3-4 have gone well I am one of the founders of The Protectorate family in Phi and in Chi I did run an alliance till this f wit sabotaged it :( but there are some others I am in that I don't run but are doing well because of the knowledge we all share