Newspaper The Knossos Kronicle ( First Issue - Overview)


The Knossos Kronicle

Hello and welcome to The Knossos Kronicle- your one stop shop in relation to everything Knossos!
This first issue will inform you of how I plan on running and maintaining this newspaper, brought to you (thus far) by yours truly. Basically, I am looking at being a free lance journo to satisfy all your needs! Not only will I be reporting, I will also be in game battling it out with all of you too (firstly in ocean 65) so don’t worry, I won’t be all talk. On that note, as I mentioned earlier, I will not be bias at all, however, my opinion and experience may be interpreted that way and I will not be in an alliance any time soon.

Within the week I plan on releasing my first “proper” issue based primarily on the four core oceans (but will also consist of other goodies), outlining:
• who is located there
• the contenders
• who will be sticking around and who will not
• recent activity, and
• statistical changes

I know it is still the early stages of the world, but I plan on releasing one core ocean analysis a week (if I’m capable) and will gradually compose the statistical changes and what not into one big file so we can keep well updated.
Over time, if I see reason, I will also be analysing the other core oceans in hope that there will be a rim alliance that will come in and completely destroy the core. ;)

Now, all of you may be thinking “who is this person? She doesn’t have any stats listed on Grepostats to show her experience and her forum posts are very minimal.”<--- Exactly! I am no one and that is who I will be. Either love or hate my paper, for I really don't care. I hope to promote forum activity as I have noticed recently that it is slowly dying.

Current ETA on the first core-ocean analysis will be completed before 3/30. Also, if anyone wishes to aid me in the creation of this paper, please feel free to contact me here or in-game.




Very keen to see how you put this one together.
You should consider adding a section using Grepo maps to show alliance movements and positions.

All the best!


I am hijacking this newspaper, the name, and all it's employees.

If you want to help publish an issue, send me a msg.


well, since everyone in this server is not willing to give interviews (except -Spyder-), I will not be publishing.

Instead, I will proceed to destroy all alliances who failed to comply with the interview process :D


seems that it is Going to be interesting but will do one myself :p so hope the best of luck