The Knossos Trade Alliance


Hail to all whom it is not hailing upon at the moment!

I am Gaulius, Rex of the Knossos Trade Alliance! Greetings!

Yes, I know that some of you wonder why there would be a trade themed alliance in an ancient greek themed wargame, but those who are puzzeled by this really should get to your nearest library or bookstore and search the 'ancient history' section with all due haste!

Trade in the ancient world (especially among the greeks) was not only as common as warfare, but even more common than olive oil! Wars then were fought over trading routes and commercial interests just as they are today worldwide. Mercenaries? Yup, the greeks did that too. The cities you may wish to read some more about are Rhodes, Athens, Syracuse, Tyre and Carthage.

I modeled my alliance after the Carthagians. I was weary of the same alliance model I see in every world in Grepolis. "Grrr... we're a really tough bunch of hombres here and if you even THINK about messin' with any of us, BOY HOWDY will you get yours!" blah blah etc. etc. It seemed to me after a short while that the names of the alliances may differ, but the substance is essentially the same tired model.

I wanted to do something different, something unique. The result was KTA. It hasn't been easy by any definition of the word, but it continues to be a joy for me personally. I've been blessed by a random group of members who are all highly motivated and very supportive of each other. I'm damn proud of them all and wouldn't merge with any of the titanic alliances even if all my cities faced extinction tomorrow. What would be the point? Being just another soldier city in someone else's ego trip? Mmmm... no thank you.

I'd much rather trade!
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