Newspaper The Lapithos Lapdog Third Issue (08-03-2014)





Breaking News!
Check Mate v Squidbillies Scourge
Check Mate v The New Corps
Check Mate v Never Walk Alone
Black Legion v Elders & Juggernauts
Interview With Move of Check Mate
Interview With Tyson K of Never Walk Alone
Interview With DA-V1NC1 of Fire Breathing Kittens


Check Mate Occurs!

Check Mate have had a very bright start to this world, completely taking Squidbillies Scourge out of the game, with 18 cities taken and non conceded. Also racking up 8 cities taken from The New Corps, this is a fantastic start for them! Check Mate has occurred already, and there is nothing to say that it will not occur again! What at this time could stop a force of this magnitude, only time will tell!

Second Merge For Vindicta!

Vindicta, Vindictive Bunnies, now called Black Legion have had another merge, this time with FIGHT CLUB. They are really getting to grips with o54 now, although competition such as Juggernauts has arose, fighting back. Currently their war with Elders and associated pacts stands at 11-3 in BL's favour. The 3 losses are from one player, The Rear Admiral, who left the alliance after completing their first merge. Currently his allegiance lies with Juggernauts, and quite a few have joined Juggernauts after leaving BL behind. Surely these will be their next target after the Elders? Keep a close eye here, it could start getting interesting!

Arise, Never Walk Alone!

The alliance Never Walk Alone have suddenly gained the glory of second place in points, and this could attract attention from leaders Check Mate, and any pacts they may have. Whilst doing early predictions, I personally marked these with a 'Swim' and so far I have been proved right. An alliance to be feared, maybe... A superpower arising!


Here's how it stands:

Check Mate 18-0 Squidbillies Scourge
Check Mate 14-0 The New Corps
Check Mate 8-0 Never Walk Alone
Black Legion 11-3 The Elders & Juggernauts



Pink - The Elders & Juggernauts
Dark Green - Check Mate
Purple - Black Legion
Yellow - Never Walk Alone
Red - The New Corps
Cyan - Lost Souls (II)
Lime - Guardians of Hades

Here we can clearly see that most of the action should occur in o55, however with Check Mate's size and ability you may vouch that they will soon have this ocean in their pocket. 54, you could argue is being battled over, but with the tightly knit form of Black Legion you would guess that they have the clear upper hand here. Over in 45, not much competition for Lost Souls, although Friggin Spiders are second in that ocean, so even though you cannot visually see this, take it into account. Finally, in the 'grand, war clustered' 44 there is.... Oh wait. Only one alliance. Guardians of Hades sit comfortably there, although Bellum se ipsum alet and Fire Breathing Kittens (not shown) may prove a challenge in the future for them


Move of Check Mate

We have to assume you organized an op against Squidbillies Scourge as you took 10 cities in a very short space of time, what you might call a successful first op?
It's correct that SS was our first op, when we struck can be seen very clearly on the graph here:

I think it was a very successful op, we got 11 cities in that OP, before the Op we had about 106 cities. Over a 10% increase is fair.
However the main thing is that we made a whole alliance who had a big presence in our area, bite the dust.
I want to add that this were our first OP in Lapithos and it was nowhere near perfect,
this of course is due to a number of reasons, for example: First OP and people have to get to know the style and such, early in the world so not everyone can CS or send heavy nukes.

Check Mate, still easily on the top, you must be very proud of your alliance?
I'm proud of my team and how well they're doing, proud to be the founder of Check Mate.
Are there any alliances that you have seen recently that you would class as 'dangerous' at this stage of the game?
There's a few I consider very great alliances and potential rising contenders, but at the moment there's none I would consider dangerous.
Not in order:
"Black Legion"," WARGASM", "Friggin Spiders", "Bellum se ipsum alet" and "Fire Breathing Kittens"

The New Corps are slowly falling as we all predicted, do you want to comment on this?
Well, no surprise when you've got a bad leadership, recruiting goes to hell, players can't attack nor can they deffend.
Of course there must be some exceptions, but yeah, I still predict total collapse at some point.

Finally, would you like to publicize your next target? Or any wars that are currently ongoing between you and any other alliance?
Tonight we were hitting NWA and TNC, but as they can't manage to launch any real attacks themselves, I assume it's an onslaught and not a war..
Now looking to invade either 54 and make "Wargasm" / "Black Legion" sweat, or strike Friggin Spiders in 45.

DA-V1NC1 of Fire Breathing Kittens

DA-V1NC1, first of all, what made you pick Lapithos as the world to move to after doing so well on Hermonassa?
Well Hermonassa has been a very successful World for my Alliance Wreckless Inc but realistically its still speed one so I would consider it more of a second server rather then the first one as a few of us were looking for more action.
Your alliance is based in northeast 44, have you noticed any immediate competition there?
We have not received any competition as we are setting up our core islands and found no resistance from the unfortunates who found themselves among OUR Islands. We simply clear them and farm them daily.
Who would you name the top 3 alliances in this world (not points or BP, your opinion), from what you have seen already?
I cant answer this as I haven't seen anything from any of them but there is alot alliance with are nearly reaching there caps. To me a Great Alliance has minimal Members who create a core of islands and have players who think for themselves. The more players you have the more baggage the top players are carrying. My Alliance will have Max 40 in the team.
Have you got any potential pacts or enemies in mind?
1 pact sorted but everyone else is an enemy. I hate this Pacting with more then 1 alliance . Many of the Big Alliances are pact with 3 or 4 others. Its a war game so get on with it!
Finally, because your alliance has started late and therefore most of the good players are already in alliances, would you even consider a merge?
No Merges..... Its only a matter of time before Big players get fed up with carrying the rest of there Large teams and go searching for a smaller elite team of players who play for themselves and the Alliance. The players in my alliance all know what they are doing so there is no babysitting. Again we will stay small and work together.

Tyson K of Never Walk Alone

Never Walk Alone have rose to second place in points in the past week, suddenly gaining a large amount of points, want to give us an insight into what happened there?
We have conquered some cities, some players from ocean 55 have joined us these days.
Have you had your first op or war yet? If so, who against?
Not really. Who's not with us is against us.
Are you slightly worried that rising this quick may attract unwanted attention from other alliances?
I'm not worried about anything, I don't care about other alliances as long as mine is on track.
Can you give me who you would name the best 3 alliances in the world so far?
Check Mate is the best alliance of this server, no doubt. They are our main threat in Ocean 55. I heard that they are using gold, they increased their cities quickly and we wasn't able to keep after them. A second alliance in my top 3 would be S.P.Q.R Empire and the last one, idk, Grim Sleepers [lack of ideas].
Finally, would you like to share any ongoing wars, or who you intend to face next?
Check Mate vs all Lapithos alliances. I heard that they have not any pacts so they're a threat for everyone... Anyway, without any partener pacts they can handle it!


In-Game Knowledge Winner

JIGSAW won last weeks In-Game knowledge brainteaser! However, due to a lack of replies, I will not be continuing this. The future competitions will be about creativity instead of knowledge

New Motto Competition

I would like a motto for the newspaper, to use in future papers. Therefore this weeks competition will be to come up with a short catchy motto and post it below! My favourite will win 5 weddings in game! Remember to leave your IGN in the post

Other Alliances To Focus On

I'm currently focusing obviously on Check Mate, Black Legion and Never Walk Alone. Want a specific alliance for me to focus on? Tell me below, and I'll do my best to include them in future issues!

As always leave feedback below, it is always appreciated!
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Great work mate,
one addition is
Check Mate 8-0 Never Walk Alone (6 during our still ongoing OP) - constantly changing
Check Mate 14-0 The New Corps (6 during our OP friday night)


Great work mate,
one addition is
Check Mate 8-0 Never Walk Alone (6 during our still ongoing OP) - constantly changing
Check Mate 14-0 The New Corps (6 during our OP friday night)

Thanks, I'll add them


Need to spread the love before being allowed to rep you again, but great read mate;)


Why are people in this world so ULTRA respectful? That's why this forum is dead. Too many brown noses. More proficient than dogs at sniffing...

Media is supposed to be dark and seedy. More tabloid, less sniffing. Think Rupert Murdoch, old and decrepit. LOL.

It would be nice to see other people's view points every now and then too, just a suggestion.


Okay, as I say always willing for feedback. But I'm not sure where you would want other people's point of view, in the breaking news part?


Okay, as I say always willing for feedback. But I'm not sure where you would want other people's point of view, in the breaking news part?

I'd just prefer seeing someone other than the leaders of the top 12. Get some different eyes on the world. Cos this is good. But lazy. In my opinion.


I'd just prefer seeing someone other than the leaders of the top 12. Get some different eyes on the world. Cos this is good. But lazy. In my opinion.

I like to interview alliance leaders for their views because they tend to be the most experienced. Especially top 12 leaders (but I know da-v1nc1 off of hermonassa as a good leader). I don't really want nooby sayings, because the comments would then be full of insults towards the interviewed player. That been said, I will take your idea into consideration and will try to interview others about the world in future.

P.S. I spent 6 hours gathering the information and putting this paper together. I don't think that's lazy, myself :p