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The LegendZ Take - Issue 4
Welcome to the 4th Edition of the LegendZ Take. In this satirical newspaper, I will take you on a sarcastic and insulting journey through the world of Epidamnos. Hopefully, I will reveal some interesting facts along the way, but mostly we shall see who has the thickest skin and the best sense of humour.

DISCLAIMER: I mean no offence to any alliances or players and am writing this only for a good read once in a while. If you hate it, tell me and I won’t come back!

SECOND DISCLAIMER: I do not consider myself a legend.

THIRD DISCLAIMER: Data for this paper was collected 06/04 (13:00)

The Paper consists of the following sections:

1. The World Rankings

2. The World Wars

3. The Interviews

4. The Gossip

5. The Educational Section


1. The World Rankings




1. The continued rise of the Shady Bunch - Having successfully pushed back The Priory, attention was turned to Twisted Souls after the end of peacetime… Another successful op and the acquisition of a few Twisted players sees Shady secure their position at the top of the leaderboard with a significant average point advantage. They have however acquired some players with cities deep in enemy territory which I think is uncharacteristic of them. Had their diplo agreed to an interview maybe I could have yearned some tactical information.

2. The fall of Twisted Souls – Just look at that change. OH MY!

Even us guys at the Priory have enjoyed growth despite being stuck in church all easter weekend…
Of course, this is largely due to the loss of a lot of players, but also due to the immense pressure stacked on them over the past couple of days. As I scan down the ranks now there are a lot of 1 day +
inactives. But let it be known that TS aren’t going anywhere!!!


3. The Rise of SkullSkeletonS – These guys have made rapid growth as discussed in the last issue. This has not slowed. Moving into 3rd position they look set to become one of the big players in this world.
Again, feeding off the fall of TS, but making fewer gains with regards to the acquisition of players from them. Maybe that’s because they don’t want them?

4. A rise of Kraken – Now second place in the rankings but down in 6th for the fighters rankings. Will their new size start to attract the attention that they have been able to avoid up to this point? Time will tell but we already know that some really angry apples have started to attack them.

5. The steadfast of The Priory – I try to keep this paper as objective as possible… But as it is not about me, I think I can get away with this one. The Priory has continued to grow in size despite its player count dropping quickly. The Shady Bunch and P&P did a lot of damage to the guys who defend with the holy spirit behind them… Maybe it is the faith in the higher power of JR’s farts that has kept them going but despite many players quitting, not a single player jumped alliances during their tumultuous time. I think that is a credit to the players there and a refreshing change from all the players who save their own skin as soon as times get tough. Having said that, the changed direction of The Shady Bunch no doubt has played a big role in their recovery.


2. The wars

1. The Shady Bunch vs Twisted Souls – As I write this it is 75-20 in favour of The Shady Bunch. Rumour has it they are putting up less of a fight than us at the Priory… And we were at midnight mass when we were opped! The deserting of members and the high level of inactivity would suggest TS are done for this time. Never say never, but this looks a hard one to come back from… especially when coupled with the next war.

2. Skull SkeletonS vs Twisted Souls – 51-2 in favour of TS… Whoops, autocorrect! SS 51-2 up… I know right, for a brief moment we all had hope for those poor souls of a twisted nature. SS ran one solid op on TS and melted defense. This score is quite incredible considering that TS used to be the big dogs. Looks like this may well be a open and close case.


3. Plunder and Pillage vs The Priory - As I write this the score is 47-46 in favour of The Priory. But it should be noted that P&P are currently running an op so this number could well change… I want that to be clear that I am not choosing a bias point in time. With Shady ceasing their attacks on TP, they have a chance to fight P&P one to one. P&P have had the upper hand for some time now and it will be interesting to see if TP now has the activity to fight back.

4. True Fear vs The Shady Bunch – A relatively new war, one that I think people will argue is not really of interest yet. But the start of a war is always interesting… As mentioned in the world rankings, Shady have taken on a few members with cities far outside their core. This means the score has got to 23-2 in favour of TF. Whilst the interviews below will detail that this is not exactly indicative of how a full scale war would go, it is good to see TF taking advantage of poorly placed cities and doing so with great efficiency.

5. -Angry Apples- - Sorry guys but you have way too many alliances for me to do a full analysis. Have said so before, I will only focus on the main alliance. So, they are currently losing 21-3 to TF and winning 16-0 against Kraken. I had a lot of AA telling me about their success against Kraken but I don’t see any gains made by the academies either. Based on the interview later though, just taking a bite at the apples can make them angry.


6. Kraken need to actually attack someone for me to mention them in this section (yeah I said it).




3. The Interviews

This week, I have taken a bit more of a gossipy, journalist approach to the interviews. Although I have kept them mostly focused still, I ask a couple of questions I bet we are all dying to know the answers too… Let me know how this more conversation led interview style goes down.



I’m still hopeful.

Siciliana Drago

Many people may not be aware that you are the diplo of Shady, what made you join them in this world?

I had been "retired" for about 5 months, but like many grepheads my friends kept trying to lure me back. When I heard there was a chance to work with a new team that also had some familiar faces I just couldn't resist. I have handled the diplo position with every alliance I have ever been in, so it is natural for me to assume it here and my co-founders agreed.

..... Yeah that’s all I got in 2 days

Things we can take away:

1. Retirement doesn’t suit his well.

2. He is very confident in his diplomacy skills

3. He takes a day to model the right words for these questions -_-

Silver-Eyed Lion King

We recently saw the brief creation of a "Twisted Fear" alliance. What do you know about that?

I’ve got no clue TBH, they asked for a merge and changed their name to TF before we even came with a decision. No, we are not merging with anybody ;)

As an alliance you recently took a few cities off Shady deep in your core. Do you think those takes are an indication that you can match Shady or do you think they were cities that were undefendable?

To be honest with you, they were basicly handoffs. I took 3 cities that were not defended at all. The ones that got stacked we just aborted lol, it'll be a hard war to win if shadies actually focus on us though.

Would you say the Shady leadership is the one you respect the most in this world?

Definitly, theyre the elites here on this server and they should be respected. Like I said if they decide to actually try against us we are gonna have a hard time.

Indeed, I think so would anyone. If I were to say "TF talk a lot of smack in the externals"... To what degree would you say this is true?

It's a bit of a habit for TF to talk a lotta smack lol, happens every world.

And would you say that is the right way to go about fighting wars?

I mean is it really a way of fighting wars? It's only a sidething to talk some smack right? It's also very fun to do.

Things we can take away:

1. The whole Twisted Fear thing was entirely what looks like a desperation move by Twisted.

2. SELK rates the Shady leadership and hasn’t let their recent success go to his head!

3. He admits TF are awful for talking smack but sees it as fun? Not my personal cup of tea but some enjoy it.

4. He doesn’t think mind games are actually part of the war… Meaning he really just says things to be annoying. Gotta respect his clear intentions!
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You have recently started hitting Kraken with vigour. What sort of opposition have they shown?


Had to screenshot this so you can see I was actually sent the awards :p

Would you say you are a modest player? ;)

I think I'm an experienced player more than a strong striker (especially because I was born as a defender to be honest ^^). I've been a founder for 5 years now, enough experience to understand how to manage an alliance in all its features :)

Do you see any obvious enemies should you defeat Kraken?

I think servers evolve very quickly and you never know what could happen. Kraken decided to claim a zone of our interest and they became our n.1 enemy.

I can say that if someone will try to block our road he must know what he's going to meet ;)

Now I see why you Apples call yourselves angry... Speaking of which, how did the alliance name come about?

We are born with the name Emigratis (In italian it's a word game that means "free immigrants" because we were only Italians).

subsequently we choose (what a mistake) to collaborate with Hogwarts but we didnt like their managment and I decided to leave and try a project with I am the Storm which included also the Ex Bennu Cult, Emigratis starting group and a small part of ex Vanguard (oc46 best players) with the first target to fight for the ocean 46. This is the story of our birth :)

About the name, you have to ask to Storm, he's the creative here.

Finally, do you think that coming together of many alliances could be a weakness when you come up against a strong opponent? After all, it's hard enough keeping a group of familiar players together when the pressure builds.

Of course. It could be a weakness, but if you work hard with great results everything become easier.

However, I can feel lucky, our council is experienced, strong, loyal and very active. I could not ask for anything better because at the moment I've met the right persons in the right place. And our potential weakness became our strenght. We upgraded ourselves step by step :)

Things we can take away:

1. The answer to question 2 was no…

2. Their number one enemy has currently felt the loss of 2 full cities… No I am not going to accept Kraken. counts.

3. A very experienced player who seems to have a realistic take on the world.

4. The Apples themselves do not know why they are Angry, or indeed Apples.


It's clear you run an op on Twisted over the past two days. What sort of resistance have they put up?

I will certainly give no judgment on how bad or good the defense was. What I do notice is that our main target became MIA after 1000+ attacks. A team can only successfully defend if they receive feedback from their players in need. This is obviously a moral issue, regrettable because in the end an easy victory has less satisfaction than a hard one.

Would you say the chickens have come home to roost to a degree for Twisted? In the sense that, trying to pact everyone has been their downfall.

I can not say for sure, but I suspect that leaders do not actively take the lead. Presumably real time life, busy schedule. Many members score poorly on BP growth which is not normal, Harry4 is an exception. Pacts help but too many pacts kill a team, but here their location is the problem. In the middle of the server you can only survive if you are an absolute top; have, many top players in twisters but to win through the core you have to have a legendary top team, nowadays such teams are the exception rather than the rule.

So was your plan always to join this world late to have the advantage of fighting in?

no, my plan was to score gold, and to simulate a bit, total failure concerning my own intention. But indeed I like to play from the rim.

Interesting, and from this side, it was obvious to see that both yourselves and Shady were hitting Twisted at the same time. Was that planned?

Not directly but had a few friends I mention, saying that after peace time we were going to do a twist on the dance floor. Maybe they used the info. Of course I am not an ops leader no idea if there has been communication.

Do you think if you were to eventually come up against Shady that your group of players would be able to take them on?

Indeed difficult question, and an impossible answer, TS has an advantage over everyone, a top location, huge potential in active members. It will depend a lot on which partners in crime will show up . Also just remember speed2, against WW the halve wil already left for a faster server. september is long way from now.

Things we can take away:

1. Erik craves a good fight which is always a good thing… And something we probably already knew!

2. He manages to maintain a very objective view of enemy alliances and refrains from being overly zealous in his estimations. I think this is sound tactical talk.

3. He can’t just come and gold…

4. Maybe Shady and SS are coordinating? Hot gossip right off the press.

5. He thinks a war between Shady and SS will be one of longevity, not one of actual fighting power.

Final Note:

Can I just say thank you to everyone I am interviewing for your responses but particularly to those who don’t speak English as their first language. I think we all need to respect the effort made by these players to speak in English despite some grammatical errors at times. I most certainly could not even type a basic answer in another language so big ups to these guys for talking tactics with me.


4. The Gossip

How can I summarise this… Oh yeah





5. The Educational Section

Let’s have a background on a few of the heroes you may not know so well! One of them was actually a god.

Deimos was a god in Greek mythology, personification of terror (his name meant "dread"). He was the son of gods Ares and Aphrodite, and had a twin brother, Phobos ("fear"). He did not appear in any stories in Greek mythology, but he was a mere representation of the terror that is brought upon humans by war.

Did you know that
Atlanta had a bit of a rough upbringing? She came into the world in the "undesirable state" of being female. As a result, her father had her carried into the woods and left to die. However, a bear found her and adopted her. As she grew older she began to spend time with hunters and was soon the best among them. She loved hunting and the outdoors and had no use for a man in her life. She would later try to join Jason on his voyage but it was consider ill-fate to have a women at sea.

Heracles (or Hercules) is best known as the strongest of all mortals, and even stronger than many gods. He was the deciding factor in the triumphant victory of the Olympians over the giants. He was the last mortal son of Zeus, and the only man born of a mortal woman to become a god upon his death.

Offsetting his strength was a noticeable lack of intelligence or wisdom. Once, when the temperature was very high, he pulled his bow out and threatened to shoot at the sun. This, coupled with strong emotions in one so powerful, frequently got Heracles in trouble. While his friend and cousin Theseus ruled Athens, Heracles had trouble ruling himself. His pride was easily offended. He took up grudges easily and never forgot them. His appetites for food, wine, and women were as massive as his strength. Many of Heracles' great deeds occurred while doing penance for stupid acts done in anger or carelessness.

I hope you have enjoyed another edition of The LegendZ take and blame Sicilian Drago for the delay… I was waiting for his response…. OK, fine, I was busy. Will do my best to appease the crowd but these are as long as essays I have to write for my University Degree so take some time. Till next time.
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Another good read, always worth a trip back into the Epidamnos forum for it. Well chuffed to see the Shadies flying too.