The Legion


The Legion

Born for war, we travel this world
Day after day, we wipe the blood off our faces
Looking for whats ours and what soon will be

The land was covered in bodies and blood
Fire raged in the forest around us
As our hearts were forged as one

Thus the Legion was born

Together we stand
United by purpose
Together we strive
For all to see
Together we wait
for the battle
to begin.​

Must speak decent English
Must either be in or on the border of O35
Must be over 1500 points
Must be active in forums and in attacking
Must be ready to give everything for the Legion.

If you do not all meet these requirements then don't even ask.

Questions will be asked before you are accepted.

Looking for players with at least 1 year under their belt.

All non-accepted invites will be removed after one week.

To join message:
Blachlock or TMH1965

For diplomatic solutions message:
nekhron or Blachlock