The Limit of Infinity


Hey guys, I would love it if more people join this alliance.
- Must have 500+ points
- Must be an active player
- Must post regularly in alliance forum

My fellow players, I am writing to you to ask if you would like to join The Limit of Infinity. We are recruiting new and experienced players to our alliance to help us succeed and grow larger! We are an up and coming force who won’t be stopped and with our support you will prosper. We are a loyal alliance who will always look out for each other. This varies from military support if others are attacking you; answering general queries for newer players, to giving you tips to play the game and helping you develop. We are personally writing to you today to ask if you would join our alliance as we see you as a major asset to our team and our start in the game we and hope to see you at The Limit of Infinity.